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1.Pizza Hut
oBy Anupam Kumar
oPizza Hut is the largest pizza restaurant company in the world based in Addison, Texas, USA specializing in American-style pizza oIt has 34,000 outlets in 100 countries
oEmploying more than 300,000 people
oOur story began with one small restaurant and two young brothers - Dan and Frank Carney. In 1958 they were struck by inspiration, and opened the first Pizza Hut in Wichita, Kansas, USA. oBorrowing $600 from their mother, they purchased some second-hand equipment. oWhen they were setting up, they only had room for 25 seats - and the restaurant sign only had space for nine letters. They wanted 'Pizza' in the name, which left space for just 3 more letters. Because the building looked like a hut, Pizza Hut was born. 4.Transformation Phase

oFamily ties
o1977 Pizza Hut was acquired by one of the true giants of international business: PepsiCo, Inc. oPizza Hut shared its leadership position with such fine products as Pepsi-Cola ® brand soft drinks and Frito-Lay ® brand snack foods. oOctober 1997, PepsiCo spun off the restaurant businesses (Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell) oTricon was founded. May 16, 2002

oTricon officially became YUM! Brands with the addition of two new brands, Long John Silver's and A&W oYUM! Brands is now the parent company of Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, A&W and Long John Silver's 5.Key characteristics of Pizza Hut service

oPerish ability: Service cannot be stored for later sale or use oHot and on time
oStrive to present the products when and where the customer wants oTo achieve this goal developed a number of services through the years like Personal Pan Pizza ® , we made quick, affordable pizza a lunch alternative for millions of Americans. oProvide a pleasant environment and that’s where the role of staff attitude and communication are so important in conveying the quality of service 6.Mode of operation

oDelivery on time or free next time
oTake away
oRefined our carryout procedures to provide faster, more efficient service oRapidly expanded our delivery operations throughout the country oImplementing combination operations with our sister companies Taco Bell and KFC, we're reaching thousands of new customers while providing unprecedented speed and fast food pricing. 7.Marketing mix

oLow price for meal and expensive for just one
oSpecial offers
oThe Sicilian Pan Pizza
oThe Hand-Tossed Traditional Pizza
oBuffalo Wings
oThe Edge pizza
oTwisted Crust pizza
13.Marketing mix(Place)
oPlace: more accessible to the customer
oPizza Hut pizza is now being enjoyed in school cafeterias, sports arenas, major airports, shopping malls and office settings. oAs a result, Pizza Hut is greatly expanding its share of the off-premise, fast-food market, one of the fastest-growing segments in our industry. 14.Marketing mix

oSpecial offer
oSeason ’ s promotion
oNew product
15.Marketing mix
oLoyal customer
oTraining employees to improve their performance
oInteraction between staff and customer
16.Pizza Hut’s journey towards connecting with the Indian consumer oMade its entry in India in 1996
oBrought into India its international heritage, its pizza expertise and world-class standards of quality and taste oThe pizza is a food foreign to the Indian palate, this is no small feat by looking it as successful brand today. 17.Indianisation process

oKick-started the Indianisation campaign at Pizza Hut.
oWe created Indian toppings and vegetarian pizzas
oThe success of flavours like Chicken Tikka, Spicy Korma and the Tandoori range oThe world’s only 100 per cent vegetarian Pizza Hut restaurants located in Ahmedabad, Surat and Mumbai’s Chowpatty, and a special Jain menu sans root-based ingredients...
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