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I Introduction 3

II Part I – PETL 3-4

III Part II – SWOT 5-6

IV Part III – Guidelines 6


It was back in December 1977 that Wetherspoon opened its first pub. Today Wetherspoon provide the good customer experience, with good quality, choice and value, in both food and drink. J D Wetherspoon has over 784 pubs in UK. During 2009, J D Wetherspoon has won over 130 awards for providing safer drinking environments. They have focus on healthy eating where pubs try to reduce saturated fat and salt levels in their food. Customers can get information about food nutrition. The company has a good reputation as an employer and was one of the first pub groups to introduce a 48-hour week in 1995.

Pubs are an important part of British life. People talk, eat, drink, meet their friends and relax there. British pubs are required to have a licence, which is difficult to obtain, and allows the pub to operate for up to 24 hours. Most pubs are open from 11a.m to 11p.m, nearly all pubs sell pub lunches. The clientele inside a Wetherspoon's is varied, it appears to be popular for a wide variety of ages and type of people. The atmosphere of Weatherspoon pubs very relaxing, none of their pubs will have pool tables, dartboards. “They claim that they prefer their customers to relax in comfortable surroundings without people screaming and shouting”. Pubs provide customers with good-quality food and drink, served by well-trained and friendly staff, at reasonable prices. 2. TECHNOLOGY FACTORS

Energy use
Pubs use a lot of energy for refrigerators, lights, kitchen area. Most Wetherspoon pubs now run ‘smart meters’, allowing pubs to view accurate information about their electricity usage. They can compare the amount of electricity used today against what was used the day before, the week before, the month before and even the year before. They are also required to manually read and record their gas meters each week. Reducing energy consumption by 15% in 2010

“We aim to reduce energy consumption in all of our pubs in 2010 by 15%; achieving this will result in 21,200 fewer tonnes of CO2 emissions”

Economic growth

Economic growth is important if businesses are to grow and prosper. It relates to growth in the output of the economy as a whole. Economic growth depends on productivity and investment: using existing resources more efficiently and investing in new resources. In 1998 the group opens its first Wetherlodge budget hotel in Shrewsbury. For wedding or business meeting you can hire a hotel. In 2000, it acquired the Lloyds pub chain. These bars have a different menu to J D Wetherspoon pubs, they have show TV programmes.

* 1982 Employment and Training Act. Removed Trade Unions from decisions relating to the costs of training on employers. * Jobseekers Act. The number of hours for which a student could study without losing their entitlement to JSA benefit was reduced from 21 ‘supervised’ hours to 16 ‘guided learning’ hours. * On 26 March 2006 the law on smoking in Scotland changed. Wetherspoon application form for students allows student work on part-time and transfer to any other pub around the country, which is perfect if you are a student who spends the summers at home. There are always positions available. Wetherspoon pioneered having...
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