Strategy Mckinsey 7 Model

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Let's look at each of the elements specifically:
* Strategy: the plan devised to maintain and build competitive advantage over the competition. * Structure: the way the organization is structured and who reports to whom. * Systems: the daily activities and procedures that staff members engage in to get the job done. * Shared Values: called "superordinate goals" when the model was first developed, these are the core values of the company that are evidenced in the corporate culture and the general work ethic. * Style: the style of leadership adopted.

* Staff: the employees and their general capabilities.
* Skills: the actual skills and competencies of the employees working for the company.

Placing Shared Values in the middle of the model emphasizes that these values are central to the development of all the other critical elements. The company's structure, strategy, systems, style, staff and skills all stem from why the organization was originally created, and what it stands for. The original vision of the company was formed from the values of the creators. As the values change, so do all the other elements.

7S Checklist Questions
Here are some of the questions that you'll need to explore to help you understand your situation in terms of the 7S framework. Use them to analyze your current (Point A) situation first, and then repeat the exercise for your proposed situation (Point B). Strategy:

* What is our strategy?
* How do we intend to achieve our objectives?
* How do we deal with competitive pressure?
* How are changes in customer demands dealt with?
* How is strategy adjusted for environmental issues?
* How is the company/team divided?
* What is the hierarchy?
* How do the various departments coordinate activities?
* How do the team members organize and align themselves?
* Is decision making and controlling centralized or decentralized? Is this as it should be,...
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