Strategy in Global Context

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Strategy in Global Context
January 29

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` Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
External Environment 5
Internal Assessment 6
Organizational Purpose 8
Strategy Analysis and Choice 9
Current Strategy 11
Conclusion 11
Bibliography 12
Annexure-1 13
EFE Matrix 13
Annexure-2 14
Per capita income 14
Annexure-3 15
IFE Matrix 15
Annexure-4 16
The Internal – External (IE) Matrix 16
Annexure-5 17
The Grand Strategy Matrix 17
Annexure-6 18

Executive Summary
McDonald’s is a signature restaurant chain serving 58 million customers each day all over the world through its 31000 restaurants in 119 countries. This report views the various internal and external factors affecting the McDonald’s prior to that the report gives a brief introduction about McDonald’s, its evolution and the way it entered the Indian market. Evaluation of the response McDonald’s is giving to the internal and external factors has been calculated through the Internal Factor Evaluation matrix and External Factor Evaluation matrix. We have used the I/E matrix and the Grand strategy matrix to formulate strategies. We formulated two possible strategies i.i. expansion in the market and product development. The strategies that we formulated using the above stated matrices have been evaluated by using the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix to know which strategy is more viable.
Furthermore, the report provides an insight into the organizational purpose of the McDonald’s. Current strategies and recommendations include the analysis of the strategies that McDonald’s is using to hold and maintain its competitive advantage.

McDonald’s is the largest burger

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