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Topics: Federal government of the United States, Somalia, United States Pages: 5 (1689 words) Published: October 12, 2010
1.How does the National Defense Strategy counterbalance what the secretary [Gates] sees as the U.S. Defense Department's natural tendency to focus excessively on winning conventional conflicts rather than "irregular wars"?

The 2008 National Defense Strategy (NDS) equalizes Secretary Gates’ previous statement by giving importance to the lessons learned from a decade of the extremism and “irregular” conflicts. The Department of Defense must use both “hard” and “soft” power to not only continue the modernization of conventional military resources, but better prepare itself to react to terrorists who are using asymmetric tactics. The NDS describes some of these tactics as nuclear and missile proliferation, chemical and biological threats, and electronic and cyber warfare. The key to success is to have a balance strategy that protects the Homeland, is victorious in conventional wars, but at the same time manages to deter terrorists who threaten globalization. The overwhelming theme throughout the NDS is that in order to make these things possible and lasting, the U.S. can not act alone. The priority is to better enable our allies and vulnerable nations to secure their borders and stabilize their governments, hence denying safe havens for terrorists. 2. How does Secretary Gates speech support the three strategic objectives that govern America’s public diplomacy and strategic communication with foreign audiences as outlined in the US National Strategy for Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication?

In support of the first strategic objective, Secretary Gates acknowledged that many of the Asian countries were too offering positive vision and hope as a democratic state. Some examples include his mention of their advances in modern technology, the Republic of Korea taking on more power, and the allied sponsorship of humanitarian missions occurring in Burma and China. He enunciated the fact that this was only possible due to America’s involvement and desire to “expand the circle of prosperity“. In keeping with our basic values, he reassured the audience that they would always have America’s support and they would not have to sacrifice their sovereignty.

Secretary Gates did not specifically discuss the second strategic objective of “isolating and marginalizing violent extremists”. However, he highlighted the importance of working together with allied nations to secure international borders and assisting them in strengthening their governments. This would benefit Asia in the sense that they would have more freedom to make their own security policy decisions, making them less vulnerable to influence by rogue states.

The third strategic objective was the main focus of Secretary Gates’ speech. He tried to dissuade anti-freedom tactics and dispel future conflicts by clarifying the foundation of world peace. This foundation can be summarized as a respect and appreciation for common values and interests throughout the world. Whether it is land, air space, outer space, finances, or faith, the important thing is to allow transparency when dealing with these interests. This strategy can prevent misunderstandings meanwhile instilling confidence in all nations. The most important benefit of America’s third strategic objective mentioned in Secretary Gates’ speech is that with protecting the common environment in general, every nation may benefit equally. 3.Describe the ends, ways, and means of the Somalia Strategy. Ends. The objectives of the U.S. strategy towards Somalia were to eliminate the threat of terrorism within the country and surrounding areas and to promote stability to the region. Ways. Through multilateral political dialogue the U.S. would assist the leaders of Somalia to form and sustain an inclusive government. The U.S. would deploy a military force to stabilize the situation and provide additional security. Finally, the U.S. would lead the way in the coordination of international humanitarian assistance that...
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