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Strategic planning is to a business what a map is too a road rally driver. It is a tool that defines the routes that when taken will lead to he most likely probability of getting from where the business is to where the owners or stakeholders want it to go. Mission: An organization mission is its primary business or purpose. Vision: A vision is an ideal that an organization intends to pursue; it serves as an inspiration for the organization. Goals are broad, measurable aims that support the accomplishment of a mission. Core Competencies: They are set of unique internal skills processes and systems that provide competitive advantage in the market. INTRODUCTION

Toyota is Japan’s biggest car company and the second largest in the world after general Motors. It produces an estimated eight million vehicles per year, about a million fewer than the number produced by GM. The company dominates its home market, with about 40% of all new cars registered in 2004 being Toyotas. Toyota also has a large market share in both the United States and Europe. It has significant market shares in several fast-growing South East Asian countries. The -1-company produces a large range of standards for safety, reliability and ease of maintenance. MAIN REPORT

The following are the strategic planning process of Toyota
Primary Task
Toyota is in the business of producing automobiles for the world as a whole, the company mission statement has clearly defined what the consumers actually wants from automobile companies. Toyota believes in “Do the right thing for the company, its employees, the customer and the society as a whole.” CORE COMPETENCIES

Toyota production system makes use of these distinctive elements in its production operations Pull System; under a ‘push’ system, there is little opportunity for workers to gain wisdom because they just produce according to the instructions they are given. In contrast, a ‘pull’ system asks the worker to use his or her head to come up with a...
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