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Strategic Planning For Callaway Golf Company

Strategic Alternatives for the Growth of Callaway Golf

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Strategies are the foundation for driving the direction of any business company. Successful business growths and maintenance of market lead is as a result of implementing the best strategies properly. A number of strategy categories exist and a business organization should implement those that fit the nature of its business. This paper analyses several important business strategies through making a choice in each category that should be implemented to guarantee future growth of Callaway Golf Company.

Strategic Alternatives for the Growth of Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf Company is an American company in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling of golf accessories. The company does its selling through retailers, mass merchants and also using its online platform. The founder of the company is named Elly Callaway Jr a guy fond of playing golf. The company has been endorsed by professional golf players around the world. In the modern world, no business can thrive without the proper information necessary in the conduct of the business. The world’s competition in doing business is now about being ahead of others by having the proper information necessary for the well being of a business. There is a huge reduction in the cost of obtaining, processing and transmitting information while doing business (Porter E. Michael & Millar E. Victor, 1985). In order for Callaway Golf Company to guarantee her lead in the industry, technology must be a key driving factor in the business. Information technology is meant to provide a quick and proper way to manage a business through the use of several business tools that come with it. Callaway Company must select a value discipline for it to shape her plans and decisions. This defines the activity of the company and therefore its nature. Value disciplines are usually three in number but on occasions a fourth one can be created by adding any two of the three. Operational excellence is a discipline that enables companies to operate at low price and therefore provide hassle free service (Dr. Rick Johnson, Three Value Disciplines --- Which One Defines Your Company?). This signifies that companies applying the discipline are in a position to attract large markets for their products. Another important value discipline is product leadership. This applies in a situation whereby products that perform beyond boundaries are produced. The aim is to produce the best products and nothing more, nothing less. The last value discipline is customer intimacy. This deals with specific customers and therefore creating a relationship between the company and the customers. The value discipline entails providing all the support needed and the best solution at lowest cost for the customers’ market niche. The shaping of a business plan to form the culture of any particular organization is determined by the company’s selection of a value discipline. This implies that the company is defined by the choice of its value discipline. Among the three mentioned disciplines, Callaway Golf Company will guarantee its growth by choosing to implement customer intimacy as its choice of value discipline. This will help her to retain the customer base she serves that composes mainly professional golfers and their fan base. Through technology and any other helpful means the company should be able to create a platform that enables the best interaction with her customers therefore ensuring the company’s growth. This is achieved through maintaining their customers and as others come into their niche they are able to stick in as a result of receiving better services. Customer relationship management is a very important tool for any particular business to maintain growth....

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