Strategies to Solve Rising Demand of Water in Singapore

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Water supply, Environment Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Singapore is facing many challenges concerning water constraints. This is because there is a rising demand in water due to our rising population, growth of industries and changes in our lifestyle. Also, the supply of water in our rivers and catchment areas does not satisfy our water needs. Thus it is important that we solve these problems by using demand strategies – lessening the demand of water and supply strategies – increasing the supply of water. I agree to a great extent that strategies targeting the reduction of demand are more effective than strategies targeting the increase of supply in overcoming challenges in Singapore as it is much cheaper and long term. I will be measuring the usefulness of each strategy by sustainability, its cost and time.

Strategies targeting the reduction of demand are more long term and sustainable than strategies targeting the increase of supply. It is crucial that demand strategies can still be applied in the future as there is an increase in demand of water. For example, Singapore has signed two water agreements with Malaysia, one expiring in 2011 and the other one in 2061. This shows that international water agreements may expire and there is no guarantee that countries will be able to negotiate for a new agreement in the future. Thus, it is important to rely on our own to conserve water. Public campaigns to conserve water can be organized anytime and can reduce people’s demands of water for a long time. Thus, strategies targeting the reduction of demand are better as they will benefit us in the long run.

Strategies targeting the reduction of demand are environmentally friendly than supply strategies. Supply strategies cause great harm to the environment that lead to long term problems such as health problems. For example, Newater plants will emit carbon emissions because of the use of fossil fuels and this worsens the problem of global warming. Also, the carbon emissions will cause humans to have respiratory problems....
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