Strategies for Effective Managerial Communication and Listening

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Strategies for Effective Managerial Communication and Listening Han-Cheng Wang
Hawaii Pacific University

Dr. Carol Parker
MGMT 6910
March 23, 2011
Strategies for effective managerial communication and listening
Interpersonal communication plays an important role not only in our personal life but also in business field since interpersonal communication is the procedure that we can receive information and feeling from someone immediately and then to lead us to express our opinions, feeling, and emotion back. According to Hartley (as cited by Sethi & Seth, 2009), he defined interpersonal communication as having three characteristics. First, communication is from one person to another. Another characteristic is communication which is face-to-face. Last, both the form and content of the communication reflect the personal characteristic of individuals, their social roles, and relationship. Thus, effective skills in communication are necessary to maintain and increase the quality of our lives and relationships with our family, friends and coworkers. If we cannot communicate effectively, we may have misunderstandings within relationships. Besides, it would be very easy to become confused, frustrated and disappointed simply if we are unable to communicate appropriately with someone.

Likewise, in business management, the process of communication between managers and employees would dramatically affect morale, teamwork, productivity, employee retention, and customer relation, and so on. Therefore, to sustain long term relationship with either employees or customers and to reduce managerial frustration about subordinate error, it is extremely significant for a manager to understand what and how the managerial communication strategies and skills can be applied effectively when interacting with colleagues, employees, stockholders, and the public as well. The purpose of this paper is to give some suggested strategies which can be implemented and applied in communication management.

First of all, since normal managers may mostly spend their time on assigning tasks to their subordinates or transmitting information, most managers are deficient in listening skills. Besides, some managers may tend to emphasize their roles to be followed, rather than accepting other perspectives or paradigm shifts from their employees. In these communication processes, communication cannot be very effective for either a manager or a subordinate. Thus, to cultivating a listening skill is profoundly important to be implemented in the communication process by a manager. According to Covey (1989), he stated that the habit five “seek first to understand, then to be understood” is the key to effective interpersonal communication. He also interpreted that we should listen to understand with empathy and appreciation, not intending to reply quickly. Even though we usually seek first to be understood, it is more significant to try to get into the person's frame of mind and think as they are thinking. He also mentioned that when we take an open mind to be genuinely influenced by a person, we can obtain a totally new view and thinking of life. Therefore, the effective listening strategy can be suggested for a manager is that a manager can learn to listen deeply to other subordinates, he or she will discover tremendous difference in perception and sustain relationship with subordinates, instead of continuous speaking or responding directly.

Besides, to communicate employees effectively, there are several ways can be established and encouraged. First of all, communication with employees may be improved if the manager is aware of their feeling and opinion. Opinion poll is a good method which can be used by managers to examine or investigate whether or not their employees are working in favorable conditions or unfavorable ones. For example, employees may provide something which needs to be improved immediately in the company....
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