strategics of starbucks

Topics: Week-day names, Thai solar calendar, Eastern Christian liturgy Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Periodic Report
(Every 4_Weeks)
(to be completed by Student)
Name of student:Cheng Ka LokStudent ID: 130760106
Department/Campus:ICT/TYProgramme: CSA / GSD / SE / T&N
(A) Schedule for Week dated from 28/7 to 28/8 Planned Task(s) Actual Work Done
(Please provide brief description if there is a deviation from planned tasks) Verified by (Organization Mentor’s Initial) Date
Design ER Diagram and draw the storyboard of frontend.
Finish the frontend with UI of the booking system.
Finish the backend of the booking system.
Finish the frontend of event system.
Presentation of the system In this week, we can actually finish the task. In this two week, we have met many problems with integration and the group members solve the problems. In this week, we finish most of booking system but we have no time to finish two systems that we give up of booking system. In this week, we finish all the UI of event system but some parts of function have bugs that we should debugs. We finish the presentation but the presentation is not good. 28/7-1/8 4/8-15/8

(B) Summary of work.
(1) List new tasks you observed and/or performed, and/or new insights you gained this 4-week: In this IA, I have learned how to use Jquery mobile and framework to build a frontend of mobile website and the backend of website. I have also learned think a ER Diagram for build a website database of reality and how to division, communicate and problem-solving to finish IA topic. (2) What questions do you have for your Organization Mentor / Attachment Coordinator? If you need to give a mark of the IA group, what is the mark? If you need to give a mark for me, what is the mark?

(C) Organization Mentor’s Comments (to be completed by Organization Mentor):

(D) Record of Attendance:
Week of D/M/Y Mon
(28/7/2014) Tue
(29/7/2014) Wed
(30/7/2014) Thu
(31/7/2014) Fri
(1/8 /2014) Sat
( / / ) Sun
( / / ) Total Hours Worked...
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