Strategic Staffing Application Form

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HRM410: Strategic Staffing
Application Form Assignment


You are the new HR manager for this fictitious (private sector) company, which has hundreds of employees and is clearly obligated under Title VII and other major employment regulations. Rather than starting over from scratch with a brand new application form, many HR managers would likely take a look at the existing form first.

Using the table located at the very bottom of this document, identify the ten (10) items that are legally problematic* on this employment application form, why they are problematic, and what could possibly be in their place, if applicable. Use of the table is required.

When you are done “save” or “save as” this document with your last name, then first initial and assignment name (e.g. SmithLApplForm.docx) and place your name in the table box above. Then load it to your Dropbox by end of Week 6.

Please email your instructor if you have any questions.

*By problematic we are looking for possible violations of various employment regulations. Note that some may not be blatantly illegal, but, rather problematic and best to avoid as a best practice.

One final tip: Do not focus on stylist elements such as the layout of the application form or questions you do not “like.” Focus only on the legally problematic items.

Today’s Date

ABC Payroll Company
An Equal Opportunity Employer

Position applying for: | | Desired Rate of Pay | $ per |

PLEASE PRINT This application form has been reviewed for fairness and job-relatedness. Do not provide any unsolicited information. Disabled applicants can request reasonable accommodation in completing this application. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of completion of this application.

| | | | Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss | Last Name | First, Middle Initial | Maiden Name (if applicable) | | ( ) | Present Address | Street

References: Gatewood, Feild, Barrick, (2/13/07). Human Resource Selection, 6th Edition. South Western Educational

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