Strategic Quality Management: Damro Case Study

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary:4
Definition to Operation Management4
Introduction to Damro4
Need of operation management5
Operation of Damro4
The Input Transformation Output process5
Output of the product7
Strategic objectives of the organizations7
The value chain model7
Inbound logistics8
Information system9
Operation 9
Machinery and equipment maintenance9
The success of operational objective in meeting organizational objects11
Quality audit system practice to manage and monitor quality13
Quality Audit13
ISO 9000 15
Total Quality Management(TQM)16
Objectives of Damro16
Implication of proposed change in the organization17
Conclusion and recommendation19

Executive Summary:
This report critically evaluates strategic objectives, policies and practices of quality standards and consistency in products and services in Damro furniture Company in Sirlanka. The Company provides an audit of existing practices and makes recommendations for future action. Research methods included: brief review of industry sector; analysis of internal organizational documents; interviews focus groups with key stakeholders; brief review of prevalent quality and system literature to provide comparative analysis with similar organizations. Varies theories like valuechain model and Pareto analysis have been used to clarify then quality audit process. And finally clear overall strategic objectives, linked with business goals, senior management responsibility towards quality and systems management, evidence of coherence between strategic objectives and quality focus of the company presenting an quality audit of the current scenario have been identified and recommendations and action plan has been made on the basis of quality audit . Introduction

Operational management is a part of overall business strategy. Operation management ensures that the correct product is made as per the customer’s requirement, based on the market demand. Probably marketing division would communicate their requirement for the operational division, which in fact delivers per the demand. Effectiveness & efficiency both are important for the success of the operation. Correct product manufacturing at correct speed ensures proper delivery of the production. Definition to Operation Management

Introduction to Damro:-
Damro is Sir Lankan Company which has its own manufacturing plant itself. Main product portfolio includes furniture’s, beds, office furniture’s, other plastic chairs & domestic & official furniture’s. It is the best substitute for the wood furniture. Company has expended its business in India & other parts of Asian region. Total numbers of people who are employed are more than 1500.Damro was recognized one of a best manufacturing & marketing company in Sir Lanka, Damro Company to complete with the other competitors as the same product cost too less from other supplier but now Damro product from all type of supplier so that this is one of the good company . Need of Operation Management:-

Effective utilization of resources all the resources, Raw materials which would mainly consist of the plastic material, synthetic woods for the manufacture for the furniture. Careful utilization of the machinery- most of the machinery...

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