Strategic Promotion Campaign Plan

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Strategic Promotion Campaign Plan
Evaluation of Campaign Effectiveness

Promotional Company

Client Company
Motorcycle Rider Program (MRP) is the client company of Promotional Company. The MRP is part of the Illinois Department of Health Education and Recreation and was established by the Illinois Department of Transportation to provide free hands-on training to current and potential motorcyclist.

Measuring Effectiveness
It is essential to ensure that the time invested in promotional efforts is generating a high level of marketing return on investment (ROI). Outlined within are various steps to measure the effectiveness of the different tools adopted in the promotional campaign. Throughout the campaign, brand creation and execution has been a key component. Brand marketing must provide a steady stream of articles, photos, videos, and other resources to demonstrate their relevancy and bring in new customers. Measuring the effectiveness of the various tools used to push the brand name is not easy but with a few easy to adopt steps can prove very valuable (Business 2 Community, 2013).

Measuring Professional Influencer Effectiveness
Professional influencer marketing involves marketing services through those who have sway over the things other people use. This market influence typically stems from an individual’s expertise, popularity, or reputation. It is similar to word of mouth marketing but it does not rely explicitly on strict recommendations.

Through the brand development, the organization will develop a personality and a voice, allowing the brand message to be pushed through many different avenues, giving the organization direction and creating excitement and meaning amongst the employees. Thus, a professional influencer market is born. The positive, well-trained, knowledgeable staff has great influence on everyone they come in contact with, not only, within the organization but also outside the organization. This type of promotion is personal and much more powerful than other forms of promotion.

Influencer scoring models such as Klout, Kred, and ProScore are very popular when attempting to measure influence but questionable, because how does one truly measure what influences individuals personally so the methods are skeptical. In all probability, the best approach is to measure internally through the use of the end of the course survey. The survey can also be distributed throughout the school at periodic intervals with submission drop-boxes placed throughout the campus to aid in collection of the survey. Externally, the influence of the staff can be measured through the website survey which is not only accessible through the website alone, but through links to the website survey found on the Facebook page and the E-Newsletter. The general survey questions for each avenue are found below under the Survey Questions.

Measuring Point of Purchase Effectiveness
Buyer comportment at the point of purchase (POP) is equivocated by out-of-store recall-based factors such as brand awareness and brand image and by in-store attention-based factors such as design, position, and quantity of views. The easiest way to measure the effectiveness of POP is to do it through the use of the survey model mentioned under the professional influencer section (Business 2 Community, 2013).

Digital Media

Measuring Website Effectiveness
Measuring online statistics is the first step in gathering historical data that will help reveal valuable trends and opportunities. Free online analytical solutions can be found at Open Web Analytics. One of the unique features include downloadable code which works by placing the code on the organization’s web server and will provide a built-in installation wizard which will act as a guide through the process of setting up and tagging the website. In addition, Google Analytics is a free online analytic tool and perhaps the most well-known. The...

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