Strategic Program Management Worksheet

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Strategic Program Management Worksheet

Table for Assignment One
A: ConceptB: Application of Concept in ScenarioC: Citation of Concept in Reading Strategic Management Process
"Strategic management is the process of assessing "what we are" and deciding and implementing "what we intend to be and how we are going to get there." Strategy describes how an organization intends to compete with the resources available in the existing and perceived future environment."Strategic management is about the organizational success now and in the future. This management and research approach concentrates on the firm's ability to organize its routines, capabilities and resources for success. As mentioned in the scenario, Foundation Schools is the largest provider of special needs and have managed to meet its financial targets in the last two years. Strategic management is the process of identifying, deciding and implementing the intent and how the company will get there. Strategy describes how an organization intends to compete with the resources available in the existing and perceived future environment. To remain competitive and provide low cost for its students, Foundation Schools must determine additional ways to increase funding without a major increase in tuition.

Gray & Larson, (2006). Pg. 22
Project Management StructureThe stakeholders decide project Structure. Key players such as the chairperson and the executive director have the initial input as far as the structure of the project; however, this structure has to be approved by other members of the Board of Directors. John Thomas has grown revenues by nearly 10 per cent per year, making the company more profitable. With his strong business background and excellent leadership skills, his goal is to improve the financial outlook for the schools upcoming year. Although he has mentored Nancy who is the Executive Board of Director he works closely to choose other members based on business as opposed to...

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