Strategic Planning, Learning Theory, and Training Needs Analysis

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Identify the five phases of the training process model (TPM); explain fully the process that goes on in each of the phases.
A company uses a training process model to identify training issues and how to fix them, so the employees will poses the KSA’s needed to do their job. A triggering event occurs when a person with authority to take action recognizes that actual organizational performance (AOP) is less than the expected organizational performance (EOP). There are five steps that occur when a TPM is put into place. (Effective Training, 2009) Analysis Phase

The analysis phase begins with the identification of the organizational performance gap (AOP is less than EOP). This analysis will compare the current data collected, to the outcome that is expected for performance. Employees can contribute, by giving ideas of the type of training that is needed to better their knowledge, skills and attitudes. Non training needs may also be identified in this phase, these issues needs to be handled different from training needs. This phase is where training program objectives begin to take shape. (Clavelle, 2008) Design Phase

The training needs identified in the analysis phase, in addition to areas of constraint and support, are the inputs to the design phase. An important process in the design phase is the creation of training objectives. (Effective Training, 2009) The objectives are created according to the training needs identified in the analysis phase. Specifications are given by the employees and the clients that are affected. If these objectives are designed according to the specifications it will transfer effectively back to the employees and ultimately the clients. Development Phase

This phase is used to develop the training that is going to be implemented. Organizing the information that has been gathered can develop an influential program. Materials are gathered, the type of media and equipment that is going to be used, training manuals need to be...
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