Strategic Planning and Checkers

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Checkers supermarket is a regular shopping destination since it was bought by Shoprite operates stores throughout South Africa and other countries. Checkers supply products range that meets their customer needs. Vision and mission are essentially apprehensive with the route in which checkers wants to go and the type of the supermarket it intend to be and how it plan to get there. According to authors gamble J.E and Thompson A.A 2011.essentials strategic management-the quest for competitive advantage second edition. Vision statement describes where we are going, the course and direction management has charted and the company’s future product customer market, technology focus. And the mission statement typically describes its present business and the purpose, who we are, what we do and why we are here”.

1.Checkers paragraph whether it’s a mission or vision statement Checkers paragraph is not a vision statement. The paragraph doesn’t describe the future state of checkers supermarket and also it doesn’t build stretch into the supermarket strategic mindset. This statement doesn’t pay off in several aspects like reducing the obstacles affecting decision making of the management and it’s not necessarily acting as a beacon guiding the employees to their destination because getting there its necessary to trace steps continuously. Therefore it states that its mission statement as it explains the business strategy identifies the market it serve and their goals. Checkers mission statement states that:

Products that they serve and the market they are in.
They specified its approach to please their customer.
According to authors Campbell, Andrew, Devine, Marion and young David 1990.a sense of mission economist book. “Mission ideally appeal both to the strategy and cultural values of the organisations”this point to checkers that their strong values are joint with a significance of the strategic direction and the goal in which the...

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