Strategic Plan-Goldilocks

Topics: Philippines, Brand, SWOT analysis Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: December 8, 2013
I. Executive Summary
Goldilocks Bakeshop, Inc. operates and franchises bakery stores in the Philippines and internationally. It was founded in 1966 and is based in Mandaluyong City, the Philippines. Today, Goldilocks has become a global brand, expanding to over a total of 250 stores in the Philippines and overseas; and hiring thousands of local employees. The opening day total sales of P574 back in 1966 have multiplied thousands of times over reaching system-wide sales of P5.9 billion by the end of 2007. For the most Filipinos, the Goldilocks fairytale has two versions: golden-haired lass who encounter the three bears, and the bakeshop that has become an integral part of the Filipino way of life. Goldilocks remains that company and more. At the forefront of its industry, the company enjoys a substantial lead over competitors in all aspects of performance.

We gather facts and analyze decisively every detail to strategize the company thoroughly. We develop different approaches and aspects in the tactics on obtaining wide opportunities and competitive advantages. It is assured that the product is unique and captures the heart of the Filipinos that made them number one in the market being at the top among competitors. Among the leading bakeshops in the Philippines, Goldilocks owned about 70 percent market share. The largest segment of the business-cakes-attained an all-time high of 74 percent market share.

We understood that it was not enough to offer good tasting products to become a successful bakeshop. That is why the statement, “How thoughtful. How Goldilocks.” becomes a part of the logo a lead the company way to the top. III. Situation Analysis

A. SWOT/TOWS Analysis

a.1. SWOT Analysis


Goldilocks has established a strong brand name giving it good reputation in consumers’ minds.

Customers are loyal to Goldilocks so instead of targeting all customers, Goldilocks only needs to target new customers in order to grow the business.

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