Strategic Marketing Plan for Fisher & Paykel in China

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Fisher & Paykel Appliances
Strategic Marketing Planning Report
School of Marketing and International Business (MARK 311)
Lecturer: (Peter Thirkell & Martyn Gosling)

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Penghui Zhang
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Tutor: Martyn Gosling

Date of submission: 4/10/2010
Word Count: 3987

Executive Summary

New Zealand based appliances manufacturer Fisher & Paykel has chosen the Chinese Appliances Market for product penetration as a part of their global expansion plan. Considering the fierce competition within the Chinese appliances market, Fisher & Paykel focused on the diffusion of sustainability to educate customer and position their products as “Sustainable Appliances” which require less energy consumption compared to other appliances products. Advanced technology and innovative industry design are the most remarkable advantages for Fisher & Paykel, these two advantages were widely adopted in the marketing mix strategies, as well as the new concept of “Sustainable Appliances”. The key strategies are summarized as follows:

* Production design: simple operation, high technology content, low energy consumption. Recycled materials are widely used. * Pricing strategy: Skimming pricing—begin with a high price, and then gradually drop the price over time. * Promotion strategy: “Education—introduction” strategy. Educate the customers first, and then introduce related products. * Distribution channels: Mix distribution channel adopted. Both direct online marketing and channel intermediaries are used. * Slogan for the marketing campaign: “Live a sustainable life, in an innovative way”

Table of Content

Executive Summary ------------------------------------------ 1
Company Situation Analysis ------------------------------- 4
Target Market Analysis -------------------------------------- 5

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