Strategic Marketing

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Strategic Marketing Project
Three Niece Farm

Prepared By:
Steve Bellanti, Kayla Machado,
Ashley Marco, and Lisa Spinney

Marketing Strategy Development
Professor Raymond C. Guillette
Assumption College Graduate School
December 7, 2011

Project Outline

I. Executive Summary (Kayla)
II. Situational Analysis (Lisa)
a. SWOT Analysis
b. External Analysis
III. Customer Environment (Ashley)
a. Target Market
b. Who, What, Why, When, and Where
IV. Marketing Goals and Objectives (Kayla)
a. Develop three goals and objectives
V. Marketing Mix (4Ps) (Team)
a. Evaluation of the present Marketing Mix as it exists. VI. Proposed Marketing Strategy (Team)
a. Marketing Mix (4Ps) – Changes
b. Social Communication Networking Strategy (Kayla ?) i. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
VII. Marketing Audit (Steve)
a. How will you measure success?

Section One – Executive Summary (Kayla)

Section Two – Situational Analysis (Lisa)
The following SWOT Analysis has been completed for Three Niece Farm: A. Strengths
• Family feel – family owned and operated; adorable son who loves to help and play with the animals. • Owners, Sue and Mitch Beauregard, have a wide breadth of knowledge of their own animals and of alpacas and llamas in general, which they are more than happy to share with potential customers. • Low cost.

• Promote Camilid Dynamics (i.e. kind and respectful) approach to handling camilids. • Part of a small niche market being a farm that raises and breeds alpacas and llamas. * • Both Sue and Mitch have a strong business background. • Prime location; located on Route 6, which is the only direct link between Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, which results in many impulse stops and purchases at their farm stand. • Safe Haven Alpaca Farm and Store, a large alpaca competitor, is located right down the street; they helped Three Niece Farm get started by selling them their first animals and they partner with and help promote Three Niece Farm and their products.

B. Weaknesses
• Their website is still under construction; until it is finished, this is one very good marketing source that is unavailable to them. • Relatively new business that is not yet well known in the Camilid Industry. • Do not have a strong marketing plan development.

• Farm is still relatively unknown; difficult to get the word out and bring in business and if business does pick up, it may be hard to keep up with demand with only three people running the farm (i.e. as they only have their own kitchen at their disposal for production of jams and jellies, it is difficult to produce in mass quantities). • Weak brand name and awareness.

• Part of a small niche being a farm that raises and breeds alpacas and llamas. * • Limited funds for large-scale advertisement; need to determine how to use these funds most effectively. • Exposure, location, and access to general customer; located off the beaten path. • Large alpaca farm located right down the road; larger and well known, so they may overshadow Three Niece Farm. • Limited target market; not reaching out to the other markets.

C. Opportunities
• Market the family aspect; a differentiating factor and a good competitive advantage. People like to support local, family owned businesses, so marketing this aspect will be a good way to attract customers. • Social media communication outlets; Three Niece Farm has already implemented several social media outlets, but slowly delving into other outlets that they aren’t as familiar with will be a free and easy way to reach out directly to those in their target market. • Offer “open houses” to...
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