Strategic Management Report

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This entirely refers to the two adherents without whom this project would not have gained the perfection and elegance which it now has. First and the foremost we are thankful to Almighty Allah (S.W.T), the most gracious and merciful, whose blessings and support were always there for us in making our report a successful one and the extent of that success is substantial in terms of quality and its explicit features.

Now, we would like to thank our teacher Sir Faisal Qureshi, the second adherent, for providing us with the pleasure of a cordial and supportive work environment that we had experienced during the time span of our report. We are thankful for his quality teaching, cooperation, guidance, constructive criticism and valuable suggestion throughout the course.

Special acknowledgement to our Parents for their love, blessings and kind support throughout the period of our studies and further.

Thanking again the Almighty Allah and our Teacher.

Sir Faisal Qureshi
IQRA University,
Defence Campus, Karachi.
18th December, 2014

Subject: Letter of Transmittal

Respected Sir,

With due respect and as per your instructions we have prepared this report. It’s a complete group effort, in which we prepared a report for analyzing the strategic moves of Dawlance Pvt. Ltd. This combine effort enabled us to complete this report. Kindly accept the report and we hope you would find it appropriate.

Thanking you.

Table of Contents
Vision statement:7
Mission Statement:7
Product Portfolio8
Strategy of Dawlance & Problems:9
Legal and Environmental:13
Swot Analysis of Dawlance13
BCG Matrix of Dawlance:15
Market position of dawlance16
Dawlance Step towards Gobalization:18


Dawlance was established in 1980 & now is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic appliances in Pakistan. Initially they started business with refrigerator manufacturing & later extend their product line to deep freezer, washing machine, microwave oven & air conditioner. With the continuous improvement & innovation, Dawlance has achieved its position in Pakistan market. The company provides dependable & reliable products at reasonable priced to the customers & enhances their quality of life. Present market share of Dawlance product is: refrigerators 65%, washing machines 35%, microwave oven 40%, deep freezer 45% & air conditioner 20%. As Dawlance has a prominent & significant market share in Pakistan, it provides its customer the benefits of modern lifestyle & world class innovative products, unmatched nationwide customer support, a vast dealer network & after sales-service throughout the country. Dawlance has maintained superior quality standards & can proudly state to be the first Pakistani Company awarded the ISSO 9001, ISO 14001, & OHSAS 18001. Dawlance also exports appliances to countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia as well as some Central Asian & African countries.

Indutry Dynamics

The home appliance industry is rapidly growing industry of Pakistan. Pakistan’s consumer electronics market which was worth 2 billion dollar in 2012 is now growing by an annualized average of 13.3% which will lead to approximately 3.3 billion dollars by 2016. The role of procurement is very important because product engages with many technical core materials which have to compatible with each other and high cost is involved. Snapshot of Industry Analysis in 2012

Market Size
USD 2 Billion in 2012
Market Players
Dawlance, Haier, LG, Mitsubishi, National , Orient, Panasonic, Pel, Phillips, Samsung, Sony and Waves

Social Environment:
People become more price conscious.
People like energy savers like products splits.

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