Strategic Management Practices of Warid

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Warid is a service providing company in Bangladesh. For this service providing Warid follows some strategies to satisfy customers. Some of them are as follows- 3.1.Pricing strategy:
Warid follows the following strategies to set up the strategy- 1. A low cost provider strategy:
This strategy indicates setting price as low cost. The prepaid product price of Warid is 149TK only and the low call rate of Warid is 0.25TK per minutes for postpaid and 0.29TK for prepaid, these are low than its competitors. 2. Price diversification strategy:

Warid have offered different call rates on the basis of product and time. The low call rates for Warid postpaid FnF is 25 paisa and 29 paisa for Warid prepaid FnF per minutes. And other call rates of Warid products are 45 paisa, 49 paisa, 59 paisa, 69 paisa, 1.19TK and others.

Someone like to talk in day, someone like to in short time, someone like to talk in long, someone like to talk in night and for this Warid has offered different call rates for different people by product diversification. For example- day taker, my favorite, super saver etc.

3.2.Product strategy:
Warid follows the following product strategies-
1. Product diversification strategy:
Warid has introduced different categories products such as day taker, my favorite, supersaver, basic etc. People can choose his or her needed product. 2. A broad differentiation strategy:
Warid maintain the following characteristics of its product- a. High quality of product-Warid has it.
b. Long term after sales service.
c. Attractive packaging-Warid maintains it.
d. High quality network-Warid uses NGN.
3. A focused on product differentiation strategy:
Warid products has different function such as-
a. Calling
b. SMS
c. Internet
d. SMS roaming
e. MMS
f. International calling etc.

3.3.Promotional strategy:
Warid promotional strategies are as follows-...
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