Strategic Management Paper

Topics: Strategic management, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Financial ratios Pages: 4 (328 words) Published: March 5, 2014

Strategic Plan Paper for Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. Erieko Shannile Licayan Aoyagi
Strategic Management 4BLM
March 5, 2014

Brief Description of the Company
Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. is a company

Mission Statement Analysis
“We [Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc.] will continue to market a portfolio of international and home-grown branded quality products at prices that provide good value to our consumers in key Food & Beverage categories. We are committed to expand the business and provide healthy financial returns to our shareholders, opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, business partners and the communities where we operate.” Analysis:





Concern for Survival, growth and profitability



Concern for Public Image

Concern for Employees

PEST Analysis


Industry Analysis: EFE Matrix

Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)
Summary of Financial Ratio
0. Liquidity Ratio
a. current
b. quick
1. Leverage Ratio
a. debt to total assets
b. debt to equity
c. long term debt to equity
d. times-interest-earned
2. Activity Ratio
a. inventory turnover
b. fixed assets turnover
c. total assets turnover
d. account receivable turnover
e. average collection period
3. Profitability
a. gross profit margin
b. operating profit margin
c. net profit margin
d. return on total assets (ROA)
e. return on stockholder equity (ROE)
4. Brief Assessment/Description of the Total Financial Condition of the Company

SWOT Analysis
Worldwide brand recognition
Huge distribution network
Strong market position
Strong brand name/brand folio
Strong growth capacity
Cannot outdo Coca-Cola because of its stronger market positioning Cannot be differentiated from other products because the...
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