Strategic Management Ikea Analysis

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Case study IKEA Strategic management

Main factors of development of IKEA
Strenghts and weakness
Oportunities and threaths
Main strategic problems out of Swot analysis
Identification of corporate strategy
Your suggestions and recommendations

Main factors of development of IKEA
The company starts when Ingvar Kamprad from Sweden and when he was really child only with 17 years old, he started selling matches and later on added ballpoints in his product list. He used to have a curious way to carry the products, and was through a milk truck that the city had. During that years he had to buy a idle factory and turn it as a warehouse, and all because the truck had to change its rute, at the same time he did his firs hire, and was a guy who was responsible at first to do pictures about furniture that he included then in his product line. One of the points they had to avoid was that furniture then was considered family heirlooms, and was passing down across generations, precisely was from this moment when the IKEA engine started to work hard. By many ideas of his new partner Lundgren IKEA could continue with its growth, because a no-one known idea that was to let the products flat-packed, this point made sure the success because with this they could save much money in transport, costs were reduced and its damage as well. After much problems probably a cause of the envy of many retailers that refused IKEA from they surrounds, IKEA try to keep many manufacturers, without success until they found a new one from Poland who was another great point on its history, because with really good lines and designs, and because the manufacturers costs were cheaper in Poland they started to grow faster. Was so successful that the Poles in Poland in the early sixties and occupied more than half IKEA catalog. Turn in a small town in Sweden Almhult, was where he set the first IKEA store, became a great sales point even started with the great idea of selling "car roof racks" so that customers could bring products on the roofs of the cars. the continued expansion of IKEA exceeded limits and even opening a store in Norway and the third was that of Stockholm. New ideas were blossoming in the wake of several problems such as the large traffic that was because of the great success that IKEA was the center of Stockholm, large queues of cars formed outside the store to be forcing these to reach the big idea why did not a new style? Hence the "self-service" that makes famous IKEA, which the buyers come into the store and pick up your product, making save days of waiting to receive their orders. Hits in Germany and Western Europe secured a large injection of benefits, problems solved in Sweden and America. Large openings after large market research continued to grow this giant of furniture. We referred earlier to the issues resolved in America as they were problems that managers did ask that failed, and it did not fit quite right politics IKEA design with American tastes, but after it got great attempts to appease this, changing the design of many things, and new lines of product announcements and stronger and for a younger audience. We could go on talking about the history of IKEA giving more precise details, but as we can see in this explanation, IKEA has been improving its strongest points per year that has gone by, and became one of the largest business complex.

Now it is the most complicated part of the history of IKEA and summarize it in two sentences: Starting from a boy selling matches, and realizing that wholesale drew more money and although was a cheap from there gradually increase their mentality and in turn your small business, with constantly changing, always progressing and noticing that...
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