Strategic Management and Strategy

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SWOT Analysis, Competitive and Cooperative Strategies
Ayala Land has its financial strength from its resources and the stability of its parent company.2. Ayala land has its organizational strength because they just hire the best of the best.3. Ayala land has its business stability, quality products and service strength. 4. Country's largest conglomerate for the time5. They have the largest Malls and residential area here in the country.6. They also have the prestigious hotels and resorts.
The buying opportunities in the share price of the Ayala corporation because of its high selling price.
The weak export of their products.
The slowing Growth in China and weak job creation in US
There are more Idle land here in our country more opportunities for the.
The population gets higher need more houses.
The need of the people gets higher for the growing countries like Philippines
The SM prime is the Ayala's biggest competitor, More condominium and more malls are building by the SM Prime

Competitive Strategies
Cost Leadership Strategies This can be used for allow cost producer within a mass, the cost leadership is often driven by company efficiency, size, scale, scope and cumulative experiences. The Cost leadership Strategy aims to exploit scale of production, well defined scope and other economies, the example is a good purchasing approach, producing highly standardized products using high technology. The cost leadership is different fro price leadership. This is usually gained by companies that are able to achieve economies of scale in production and marketing.
Differentiation Strategies Approach under which a firm aims to develop and market unique products for different customer segments. Usually employed where a firm has clear competitive advantages, and can sustain an expensive advertising campaign. Differentiation is used when offering something unique that is perceived by the

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