Strategic Management and Honda

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1. Case Summary

This case was prepared by Research Assistant, Sonali Krishna, under the direction of Associate Professor J.Stewart Black as the basis for class discussion. She was an Indian woman. With the interesting title “The Honda-Yamaha War” she is using several of the half of statement issues about the Honda and Yamaha circumstances. Honda is a multinational corporation, engine manufacturer and engineering corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In 1949 it began producing motorcycles, and ten years later, the company had become the leading maker of motorcycles in the world. Today, Honda is the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the world and the largest engine-maker, producing more than 14 million internal combustion engines each year.

It is differ from Yamaha background which is Yamaha Motor Company Limited, a Japanese motorized vehicle-producing company. Yamaha Motor is part of the Yamaha Corporation and it’s headquarter is located in Iwata, Shizuoka. Along with expanding Yamaha Corporation into the world's biggest piano maker, then Yamaha CEO Genichi Kawakami took Yamaha into the field of motorized vehicles on July 1, 1955.

Yamaha motor is the world’s second largest producer of motorcycles after Honda. This situation issued by writer to looked up for this both competitor company in Japan Automotive Motorcycle Industry. War both of Honda and Yamaha as long as thought by writer in this case shown from many site different among Honda and Yamaha as like their advertisement. Honda and Yamaha are among the leading of motorcycle industry. In this case also showed The Advertisement Honda vs. Yamaha examines the factors that led to the intense advertisement war between these two producer giants that went as far as the Sustainable Automotive Motorcycle Industry. This case also traces the strategies they adopted in various strategies as different as their war. In this case also gives insights into the motorcycle landscape used in advertisements by Yamaha to impress the customers. Furthermore writer shown their achievements sales, company stronger, Product and production, ability to supply, cooperating both of Honda and Yamaha producer in Japan.

2.0 Problem statement

The case discusses focused on the Honda and Yamaha achievements and a little thing not reader to let know in this case is the affect from sustaining both of Honda and Yamaha help the development of manufacturing sector of Japan. Japan is popular with their drag technology period but the declining phase in the Japanese economy is helped by the Automotive Industry in Japan. It also talks about the measures taken by the government to overcome the crisis of increased debts and explains the decline in government revenues due to tax cuts. But in this case inter-information focused of both Yamaha and Honda. Issues crash of the Japanese stock market, Impediments in the economic progress of Japan, Huge budget deficits and public debt.

This case discusses the failure in the market of Honda establishments as beside the development product by Yamaha, which was meant to replace Honda flagship brand Wings. It also focuses on the market research that the company undertook before the launch of New Product of Honda and analyzes why new product failed to catch the fancy of consumers, as a same time the Yamaha try to compete their product with Honda and this article called a war of both of them.

The marketing strategy that Yamaha adopted in the Japanese market forms the focus of this case. The difficulties that Yamaha faced in marketing its products in Japan, and the elaborate efforts that the company made to attract the Japanese consumers are also covered. The case points out how the company’s failure to pay heed to the cultural differences between the Americans and the Japanese, hampered its operations in Japan especially Yamaha. Issues Challenges faced by fast food companies in foreign nations, the role of market...

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