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PESTLE and SWOT analyses
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These are tools used to find out the current status and position of an organisation or individual in relation to their external environment and current role. They can then be used as a basis for future planning and strategic management. The PESTLE analysis should be used to provide a context for the organisation’s/individual’s role in relation to the external environment. It covers Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors. Depending on which elements are included it can also be referred to as STEP, STEEP, PESTEL, PESTLE or LEPEST. Recently it was even further extended to STEEPLE and STEEPLED, including education and demographics. The process underpins many other analytical techniques, such as Scenario Planning. The factors can be at macro (e.g. World-, EU- or UK-wide) or micro (e.g. institutional or individual) level. Depending on the scope and scale of the exercise being undertaken, you may want to consider for each factor: •Which of the below are of most importance now?

Which are likely to be most important in a few years?
What are the factors influencing any changes?
Political What are the key political drivers of relevance?
Worldwide, European and Government directives, funding council policies, national and local organisations’ requirements, institutional policy Economic What are the important economic factors?
Funding mechanisms and streams, business and enterprise directives, internal funding models, budgetary restrictions, income generation targets Social What are the main societal and cultural aspects?

Societal attitudes to education, particularly in relation to government directives and employment opportunities. Also general lifestyle changes, changes in populations, distributions and demographics and the impact of different mixes of cultures Technological What are current technology...
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