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Executive summary:
The purpose of my assignment has been done in terms of strategic analysis, its formulation and implementation of Ryanair organization. The assignment is developed by three parts which includes variety of questions in the each part. Firstly, The part one is mostly focused on strategic analysis and its related questions has been given. Also, each question is answered that relevant to current strategy of Ryanair organization. And this part included internal environment and external environment of Raynair company.

Second, The second part basically concentrated on strategic formulation. Also this part provide strategic management process. And each question answered that relevant to current strategy of Raynair company. Third, The part three is generally focused on strategic implementation and this assignment related question has been given. In this part I investigated strategy implementation of Raynair company. In addition, I tried to answer the question through a qualitative method. I regarded that a qualitative method research method would provide me to understand what is strategy analysis, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation. Generally I knew about what is strategic management of Raynair company.

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of Raynair
Ryanair is associate degree Irish airline primarily based in Dublin and based in 1985. it's Europe's largest cheap carrier and one in every of the world's largest and most victorious airlines. Since the release of the air trade in 1997, Ryanair has gone from strength to strength and evolved into one in every of the world's most profitable airlines. Ryanair is currently the third largest airline in Europe in terms of traveler numbers and in Gregorian calendar month 2007, according record monetary results, while additionally asserting forecasts of carrying fifty two million passengers in 2008. In March 2007 the IATA confirmed that Ryanair has become the world’s largest international airline. In could 2007 Ryanair launched the world's 1st free seat giveaway, providing one million passengers the prospect to urge free flights. additionally in could, Ryanair launched its worth guarantee that no alternative airline will match their fares. in keeping with reports by the Association of European Airlines and Ryanair's own printed statistics, Ryanair has achieved higher promptness, fewer lost baggage and fewer cancellations than all of the remainder of its peer grouping in Europe. Ryanair flights square measure offered an occasional value as a result of the corporate operates at terribly low margins. Ryanair management believes that their in operation prices square measure among rock bottom of any European scheduled traveller airline. Ryanair conjointly sells seats on a unidirectional basis, therefore eliminating minimum keep necessities from all travel on Ryanair scheduled services, in spite of fare. Ryanair presently operates 1500 routes across twenty eight countries from fifty one bases. Ryanair’s national capital to London Stansted route is its largest route in terms of traveler volume. Ryanair flights ar offered on short-haul routes to secondary and regional airports in and around major cities and vacation destinations. Ryanair favours secondary airports as a cause to major airports as they're typically less engorged and, as a result, will give higher rates of on time departures, quicker turnaround times, fewer terminal delays and a lot of competitive airdrome access and handling prices. Ryanair employs over eight,000 staff and expecting to move over seventy five million passengers by 2013. the most operations area unit targeted on the eu continent; facing competition from ancient and charter airlines, whereas just about fifty alternative cheap firms area unit replicating their essential approach.

Strategic analysis:
The strategic management process could be a manner for businesses to make methods that facilitate the corporate...
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