Strategic Management 2 Strategy Selection

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Organization Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Course: Strategic Management 2 Total No. of Sessions: 33 A. Background Note : Business organizations operate in an increasingly volatile environment, where long term success is dependent on not just a focus on making & selling products, but paying attention to competitive forces, best use of scarce internal resources & planning for the future. The course Strategic management-2 aims to provide an understanding of strategy formulation at business level & Corporate Level strategies, understanding directions & methods of development. It also throws light on the strategy implementation process & managing strategic change. B. Learning Outcomes of the course : After the course, participants  Would be able to understand strategy formulation and apply at business & Corporate strategy  Would be able to comprehend directions & methods of organizational development Mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, etc.  Would be able to comprehend strategy implementation issues like staff, skills, shared modifiers.  Would be able to understand the role of people, technology & knowledge in the of enabling success of strategy implementation.  Would be able to understand the significance of managing strategic change in organizations C. Pre-requisites for the course :  Management Processes & Organization Behavior.  Strategic Management 1 D. Course Inter-linkages :     International Marketing Mergers & Acquisitions International Mergers & Acquisitions Entrepreneurship and New Business Creations level viz. values strategy process

E. Course Content : STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 2 Strategy Selection : Business Level Strategy (critical)  Techniques used in the selection of strategy  Major Strategic options  Cases

Major Strategic options in India (Critical)     Joint Ventures Strategic alliances, Mergers & Acquisitions Turn around modernization diversification,internal expansion. Strategy Implementation (Essential)  Personality Profile of strategies & grooming of...
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