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Topics: Criminal law, Law, Theft Pages: 7 (2632 words) Published: April 2, 2013
What is law?
Definition of law.
Everyone knows something about law from personal, experience, television, or newspaper. The exactly law is a system of rules; it’s usually enforced through a set institution. Law also a variable publish agency, custom, people commit them low set of rules that guide our conduct society which is enforceable. Law has several aims; they are all concerned with making society more stable and enabling people of to flourish. One way of doing this is to set up and official framework of compulsion. The law flourish certain ways of behaving, like murder, libel, and parking on double yellow lines and requires others, like paying income tax. If people disobey the rules the law threatens them with something unpleasant (often called a sanction), like being punished or having to pay compensation. The idea more securely. If they are more secure they will treat one another better. The second aim is to provide facilities for people to make their own arrangement. Law guarantee to people who buy and sell goods, mike will, take employment, from companies and so on that the state will if necessary enforce these arrangement. The third aim is to settle disputes about what the law taking is and whether it has been broken. Taking these three aim together we see that law not only threatens those who do what it forbids but promises to protect people’s interest. It imposes restrictions on them but also gives them certain guarantees. Lastly, a very important aim of law is to settle what the system of government is to be. Today and for the day last few hundred years we have been mainly governed by sovereign state. That is changing. We are now increasingly governed, indirectly or directly, by international bodies. Law the state is to be governed (its constitution). What duties it owes its citizens, and what duties they owe to one another and to it. The law of the state consist, therefore of a system of government, together with framework for making the life of citizens more secure and for enabling them to flourish. Since each of state has its own system of law. The law of states offer a bit but also have much in common. International law is a system on top of state. It presupposes state law, and could not exist without it, because international law can only be enforced if states are prepared to put it into effect. But it serves a different community. The international law is about the relation between independents state. It treat as equal, whether their population wealth and power, so that in international law Barbados is an a level with Japan. Like state a law, international law consists of several elements. Again all of them aim at stability in international life and the encouragement of trade and other contacts between states. International law lays down how international bodies such as the United Walton’s are set up, and what powers they have (their constitution). It also says law state must treat one other, how they must behave to international bodies and how towards them. It provides facilities for state to make binding agreement (treaties’) and for the settlement of deputes. Answer (a).

In order to advise to Albert in this case that he was commit in theft. Before we charge him for theft act, firstly we want to know about theft. The historical background of the theft is. The theft Act 1968 resulted from the efforts the criminal law revision committed to reform the English law of theft. The Larceny (theft) Act 1916 had codified the common law, including Larceny it self, but it remained a complex web of offences. The intention of the theft Act 1968 was to replace the existing law of Larceny and other deception related offences, by a simple enactment, creating a more coherent body of principles that would allow the law to evolve to meet new situations. The Act received the Royal Assent on 26 July 1968. This Act provides a code of the most important offences of dishonest dealing with property. “Theft” it is a...
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