Strategic Management

Topics: Economics, Vietnam, Climate change Pages: 24 (7717 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Honda motor company, Ltd was founded on 24 september 1948 in Japan. Implementing its business strategy, the company is constantly evolving global manufacturing network with 91 branches. Among that branch, Honda Vietnam has played a key part of the success of global Honda. Honda Vietnam is established in 1996 with initial capital of $ 31.2 million, they are a joint venture between Honda Motor Company of Japan (42%), Asian Honda Motor Company of Thailand (28%) and movers and Agricultural Machinery Corporation of Vietnam(30%). Through many years of operation, Honda vietnam has developed and become a leading motorcycle manufacturer in Vietnam with 2 motorcyle factories and 1 car factory. the end of July 2011, Honda Vietnam has created nearly 8500 skilled labor employees working in companies and tens of thousands of workers in the satellite companies and authorized stores systems (HEAD). Besides that Honda Vietnam also has a network of distributors across the country with over 415 dealers and service authorized by Honda, Honda Vietnam has contributed more than 20,000 billion in taxes to the State budget by the end of June 2011. These not only help Honda Vietnam become a leading motorcycle manufacturer in Vietnam, but also help them achieve many noble rewards, especially they have received the Third Class Labor Medal from the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on july, 2005. In recent years, although facing big challenges such as the economic crisis ,along with the threat from the strong competition of companies, but Honda Vietnam always has a stabilizing of the development of sales through that maintain the position as a leading motorcyle manufacturer in Vietnam, specifically in 2010 the sales of Honda Vietnam’s Motorcycles are nearly 2.7 millions units . Besides that, although facing many strong competitors with strong potential finance and quality products such as yamaha, suzuky and so on , but company always maintain their position with over 60% maket share of the motorcycle market. Honda Vietnam always focus on improving technology, specifically they always focus on researching new technology to produce new quality products which can satisfy the demands of customers. Besides focusing on improving technology, Honda Vietnam is also always put the environmental protection and social activities on the top priority. Within the framework of this test, I will just discussand analyze about the operation of manufacture and distribution of motorcycle of Honda Vietnam because motorcycles are popular means and widely used in Vietnam.

The business to the business environment:
The business as a transformation system: (Input, output,
Analyze the environment:
* Political: The nature and stability of government, attitudes tax, social welfare , foreign trade and trading blocs * Technological: Spending on research by government and industry, Innovative development , rate of technology transfer * Economic: National economic trend (Wage rate, GNP, interest rate, inflation, unemployment.) * Legal : Financial regulation Product safety, health and safety, Employment law * Social- culture

* Eco- Environments
Approaches to organization:
* The classical approach( Co-ordination, the scalar principle, the functional principle) * Specific management (Data gathering, worker selection and development, integrating the science and trainer worker, Re-division of the work business. * Management science theory (Quality of management,, operation management, Total quality management, Management information system. * Bureaucracy

Organizational structure: Base on the functional, product, divisions or matrix An alternative view: (Jones and George. Joseph Mc Cann) key concept : Organization agility and resiliency.

The political environment:
* Political ideologies and business
* Political system: democratic and totalitarian (Communist, theocratic totalitarianism, Secular...
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