Strategic Leadership WEEK 8

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Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship Analysis
Jonathan Mendez
MGT 660
February 25, 2015

Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship Analysis
The sphere of influence is a concept that management uses to examine the strategic intent of the portfolio of a company and its implication to the strategy of competition (Hoskisson, Hitt, Wan & Yiu, 1999). Spheres of influence enhance manoeuvring competitors into a corner, reduce the price wars through mutually assured destruction and shape the industry to the mutual player’s advantage. The spheres of influence protect the cores of the companies, project their power outwards, weaken the rivals and prepare for the future moves. JM Marketing Business consultancy Company has the sphere of influence in the provision of alternative ways of ensuring comprehension in class. JM Marketing will therefore be a market leader hence any rival’s product sales and price will depend on JM Marketing decisions that will be a market leader. Bias occurs on the basis of decision making, forecasting and planning ability (Busenitz & Barney, 1997). The bias is that JM Marketing application will solve understanding more than anything else. The program will enhance diversity in service without anomalies, a situation that is questionable. There is an assumption that the application will be cost-efficient. However, there may ma a requirement for instructors and students to go for training to use the application that can translate to extra costs. It is also possible that the learners and teachers who fail to attain what is required of them may find it hard to understand how to use the program too. As an entrepreneur, I face a challenge of convincing the clients and investors that the new product will meet the learning requirements. If the government sets a law that prohibits the application of the software in the learning institutions, the innovation can be a wasted energy. I will also need to establish the teaching...
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