strategic human resource management

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The responsibilities of human resource management division within an organisation have increased over the time. The responsibilities include making policies, implementing practices and establishing systems in accordance with the requirements generated in an organisation due to customer requirements. When an HRM division adopts the method of strategic human resource management, they find it possible to align all these policies, practices and systems to achieving the goals set up by the organisations. Challenges in the organisation

The challenges that are faced for the development of organisations are massive and include external pressures from competitors and the environment. The required impact is not made by the help of the traditional measures. Changes in the internal as well as external environment are having adverse effects to an organisation. Though it is possible for an organisation to have direct control over the internal as well as the micro environment of the firm, it is impossible for having a direct control over the external environment in an organisation and earlier adaptation is the only strategy that can be taken by the organisation. Some of the major challenges that effect the HR department in the next few years are the challenges of globalisation. Employees are being rescheduled, promoted and replaced owing to the requirements developed from several branches of the organisation. This often leads to conflict in terms of demographic and psychographic requirements. The main reason behind this is that training, developing, resourcing, promoting are just some of the responsibilities of HR. Innovative measures are being applied by HR around the world. This is done in order to increase the employee’s satisfaction and to fulfil the organisations goals. It is not only necessary to have to meet the target ones. But is equally necessary to have the target met sustainability so that the growth depicted on the performance map never declines and always in on the rise. Along with this there is a challenge of attracting and retaining employees with in an organisation. In spite of the prospective employee pool being big, there is always shortage for efficient and dedicated employees in the market. The reason behind this is that there is a competition for securing the talented employees in an organisation. Competitive companies wait so that the employees are dissatisfied in other firms and attract them. Retaining employees is yet another challenge for the HR. Principles and goals of HRM

One of the primary goals of HRM is strategic integration for achievement of the goals that is set by the organisation. There are many issues that are faced by the organisation. These issues are converted in to strategic plans and are provided to the managers in a way that would ensure favourable decision making. Some of the principles that are followed by SHRM includes that the principles are applied in favour of the strategies adapted by the organisation for the fulfilments of its vision. The policies made by SHRM are highly in parallel with the external and internal environment. The implementation of SHR initiatives tends to include stake holders, managers and employees so that it becomes a common effort. SHRM is not only responsible for planning the initiative bit also for implementing them and evaluating them. SRM see employee’s satisfaction model as the way through which customer satisfaction can be guaranteed. The fundamental aim remains that the organisation will have skilled, engaged and motivated employees. One of the major principles of strategic HRM is that it will supply with a perspective through which issues related to the success factors of the people are addressed. Making strategic decisions o time will help them to make a long term impact on realisation of goals. The extent to which these principles are...

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