Strategic Human Resource Management

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MGT511 – Advance Topics in Human Resource Management
Module 1 Case Study

Module 1 Case: “Strategic Human Resource Management”

Human resource management (HRM) has it own challenges, but management is more focus on what HR can offer their organization in the future. Looking back to the evolution of human resource field, it has followed the history of business in the United States and most western countries. HR has evolved from personal management to human resource management and from HRM to the modern term of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). The purpose of this case study is to reflect light on the characteristic of strategic human resource in business operation that makes them successful, and how SHRM can help achieve organization objectives by combining the old way of doing business with the new HR program. In order for HRM to play a strategic role in the organization, first, it has to partner up with the organization. Second, it has to re-focus its effort, and re-align its program to model that of its organization goals and objectives.

Important of Human Resources:
Human resource management is as important to any organization as capital is necessary for any business venture. The transformation of HR functions to strategic human resource have pickup few more responsibilities apart from the usual basic recruitment and training of personnel, to include extensive human relation, elaborate reward system, dealing with federal laws, rules and regulation that affect the organization, technology competition, cost-benefit analysis or ROI, workers compensation, pension plan and retaining organization skilled talents able to adapt to the changing competitive environment. The success of an organization is now focus on the action and program develop by their SHRM, as the environment changes and more and more organizations are entering the globalization era, there will be more competitions, and...
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