Strategic Hr Planning Integrated with Business Goals

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a) Strategic HR Planning Integrated with Business Goals.
The development of a human resource strategy that can support the plan of the business needs HRM planning to be included and recognized as an integral part of business planning strategy. The integration of the HR strategy and strategic planning is one of the chief elements that contribute to entrepreneurial excellence. There is a lot of emphasis on the investment in the development of the organizational human resources where the traditional crude pay is being reinforced with rewards, retention and other HR practices that are strategic. This means that the HR departments must realign their functions in order to create a mindset that revolves around motivation of workers and mixing long term and short term strategies that underpin the strategic direction of the business. This means that if the aspirations of the business are the major assets of the business, the only other asset that can work hand in hand with those aspirations, goals and objectives are the people. One of the problems faced by organizations is the development of unrealistic strategic plans that completely destabilize the HR functions. This is because at times may be there is absence of leadership competence that does not understand that there is an umbilical cord that connects the strategies with their relevance to the people who will be supposed to execute it. This is why the HR department must also be part of the strategic decision making process and the best way of helping in the making of the strategic decisions is by using its competencies model where the competencies of the already existing employees are factored in such that while most of the visions and missions will be planned around the competencies and the creativity levels of the existing employees. This will minimize the need to make a complete overhaul or a reengineering that would be occasioned by strategic decisions that do not factor in the competencies of the employees....
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