Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Integrated Transport Plan of Ghana

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The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Integrated Transport Plan (ITP) is one of the main components of the Transport Sector Planning and Integration Programme (TSPIP), which is supported by the European Union.

The other components of the TSPIP are:

▪ A transport sector integration plan that provides the strategic framework and action plans to support the process of transport integration in Ghana over the short, medium and long-term (provisionally 5, 10 and 20 years); ▪ A set of indicators enabling the sector to monitor its performance; ▪ Technical assistance to improve sector public finance management; ▪ Technical assistance to support policy implementation and planning in the sector; ▪ Capacity Building at the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Roads & Highways.

The TSPIP is expected to provide a sound planning framework for the transport sector, informing the sector’s service and investment priorities, meeting the needs stemming from economic development, regional integration and social cohesion, as defined in the national development agenda and at ECOWAS level.

On 22nd December 2008, M/s Mott MacDonald Ltd, in association with Municipal Development Collaborative Ltd, was awarded the contract to carry out the SEA of the Integrated Transport Plan. The study is being carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Roads & Highways.

Focus of SEA of the ITP

The overall objective of the SEA of the ITP is to mainstream environmental considerations into transport sector planning. The term “environment” in relation to this SEA covers the natural, physical, socio-economic, socio-cultural and institutional environments in which decisions are made (ref. SEA of GPRS, 2004)

The specific objective of the SEA is to address the environmental issues associated with the Integrated...
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