Strategic Choices--Mcdonalds

Topics: McDonald's, Fast food restaurant, Burger King Pages: 4 (1106 words) Published: November 5, 2008
So as to understand the structure and culture of the fast food giant known as McDonald’s and why they are the world’s largest restaurant franchise, one would need to look at their strategically point of view . By doing this, it would allow anyone to reveal each measurement in the business, corporate and global level strategies. McDonald greatest strengths are introducing fast food into people minds and becoming part of the American culture.

Corporations like Wal-Mart who has grown exponentially over the past years have suffered losses in sales due to their failure to re-invent themselves. They can model themselves after corporation like McDonald’s who stay true to their roots but still have a youthful approach to their marketing styles. STRENGTHS

McDonald’s strategic issue is to consistently increase shareholder value through the growth of profits and market share in the fast food industry. McDonald’s greatest strengths is introducing fast food into people minds and becoming part of American’s culture. In addition, the same goes for the international growth, which maintains their control above its competitor. McDonalds has made an important ability for the business world.

Another strength they have is to continue to be the most amazing force is their high management. Even though it is considered as an internal strength, McDonald has invested on a management style that has help to introduce a powerful culture. The characteristic of the McDonalds’ custom is to be ready to innovate and adjust when making essential transformation when the time comes up. WEAKNESSES

The same qualities that are reflecting in strength are also weakness for the company. With changing lifestyles and social values, people get weary of eating the same thins and they are conscious about their health. McDonalds had to change their menu. Before where they were primarily targeting children, now they have to review their menus to include healthy foods....

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