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Strategic Brand Management (Café de Coral – Hong Kong)  Company Background
            Café de Coral is the largest Chinese restaurant chain in the world. It is listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange. Café de Coral has different business operations and has managed to expand its business worldwide. “Major operations include fast food outlets, institutional catering, specialty restaurants, food manufacturing, distribution and other overseas food and beverage businesses” ( ).  Profile

            Café de Coral is Hong Kong’s leading fast-food brand. The company is the undisputed market leader in Hong Kong and is currently serving an average of 300,000 customers everyday. The company boasts its broad experience in the food and catering industry that made them the biggest and most successful brand in Hong Kong. The company’s 34 years of proven experience has made them one of the market leaders in Asia.  Product

            café de Coral offers a wide array of food to choose from. Its specially designed menu aims to meet every customer’s tastes and budgets. Café de Coral offers 100 items on the menu that are intended for customers that seek good food, fun dining experience and affordable prices. The food items are regularly rotated to offer the customers a variety of choices. The standard menus range from western cuisine to traditional Chinese dishes. The company also introduces new and innovative products regularly. Place

Every restaurant is strategically located to reach the target markets and attract potential customers. Restaurants are located in different mixed use district, business core, shopping centers, industrial areas, private and public and housing estates. The restaurants are modern in terms of designs and have warm ambiance that encourages maximum customer flow.  People

The staff at Café de Coral are friendly and warm. They are dedicated and energetic. The service team is properly trained in order to render high quality service to Café de Coral’s valued customers. Café de Corals customers are diverse. People from all walks of life and different backgrounds come to Café de Coral to experience the state of the art ambiance, best food and high quality service.  Promotion

"Achieving A Hundred Points of Excellence" has been our commitment to our customers and is now a household catch phrase. As part of our on going campaign to strengthen the Café de Coral Brand, proactive advertising campaigns are launched on a continual basis. Through the campaign, the brand image has been further enhanced by positioning Café de Coral as a place not just for best taste and value meals but also a popular meeting place for all walks of life (). Prospect

Café de Coral is dedicated to accommodating changing market needs and continues to uphold its reputation and status as the leader in the field of food service. Total dining experience is continuously being enriched by developing new products and constantly improving the facilities and incorporating exiting design concepts. The company is looking forward to establishing a stronger market lead in the Chinese market. Café de Coral is planning for China expansion.  

            The first Café de Coral opened in 1968 on Sugar Street, Causeway Bay. After years of hard work, Café de Coral evolved from a single outlet to a leading Chinese fast food chain with over 120 restaurants, serving over 300,000 customers daily..  

Products and Services Provided
Signature Products
 "Baked Pork Chop with Rice", "Hot Pot", "Chicken in Glutinous Rice" and "Tea with Milk" are all signature products of Café de Coral with huge success, but we don't just stop there. We want to be better than the best and we never stop evaluating our signature products to make improvements, so that you always get the best without even having to ask for it. Premium Ingredients

 Besides our well established menu, Café de Coral also explores into the realm of the newest tastes. We even introduced luxurious...
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