Strategic Audit

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Strategic analysis - Omantel

Exective summary
Omantel is the leader telecommunication company in the Sultanate of Oman, it provides integrated communication solutions through a variety of services using the latest communications technology across its network which covers all regions and parts of the country. It's philosophy in dealing with its customers is that it always listen to them to know and identify their opinions and ideas, it seeks full transparency to meet its promises by achieving customers aspirations and needs. This report includes a detailed analysis of operational performance and other Omantel's important activities that took place in the year 2011 beside some information about the strong competition in the telecommunications sector's environment, which affects Omantel competitiveness position. Using different analytical tools the report demonstrates the micro environment and the macro environment in order to determine the opportunities available to the company, the challenges it faces and the possible future risks. Finally, after evaluating all possible options that can be implemented for the company to maintain its competitive position, the authors recommend the best strategic option for the company to apply it in the coming period to promote its position and market share in the market.


Ser.| subject| page|
1| Exective summary | 1| 2| Table of contents| 2|
3| Introduction | 3|
4| An overview of Oman telecom sector | 4|
5| The role of competitors| 4-5|
6| Omantel's strategy statements- Vision Statement- Mission Statement- Values- Corporate Goals| 5-6| 7| External Environmental Factors| 7|
8| Macro Environmental Analysis (PESTEL)| 7-9|
9| Micro Environmental Analysis| 9-10|
10| Porter’s Five Forces Analysis| 10-12|
11| Summary of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis| 12|
12| Internal environment analysis| 13|
13| SWOT analysis| 13-17|
14| - Evaluating and Developing the Strategic Options of Omantel.- TOWS Matrix| 17-18| 15| Strategic Options| 19-21|
16| - Selection of the Strategic options - First: Cost Leadership- Second: Focus strategy | 21-23| 17| Conclusion| 24|
18| Recommendations| 24-25|
19| References | 25-26|


Omantel has committed itself to serve its customers (the individual and official institutions) with a wide variety of integrated communications solutions in the Sultanate since the dawn of the Renaissance in 1970. Omantel uniqueness as a leading communications provider in the Sultanate has induced it year after year to exert its efforts to facilitate these services and to deliver them to all communities, wherever they are located in the Sultanate no matter the distance barrier or their remoteness, they have been connected to the outside world. Omantel as one of the tributaries of the national economy has played a key role in the process of national development (Oman Telecommunications Company, 2011).

The potential growth in provision of key communications in the Sultanate has become more limited than before, and according to new strategy of the company, it is open to study investment opportunities that can deliver returns to shareholders over the long term in order to achieve greater returns for them. Thus, the company tends...

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