Strategic and Operational plans

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Strategic and Operational plans
Ann Tracy
Willie Maxwell

Plains all American pipeline L.P. SWOT analysis
For part two of the assignment on organizational planning I will be talking about the SWOT analysis for this business, also how these plans will be achieved the related goals and the effect of planning decisions on the internal and external stakeholders identified. Below will be a list of the SWOT for this company.

The SWOT analysis
The strengths
Length of time in business experience with this kind of business.
To be able to supply the best service around.
Broken down machinery or trucks.
High employee turnover.
To be able to grow or expand.
Other business like this one competition.
Technology keeps changing.
Reducing industry profit
How these plans will achieve the related goals
These plans will achieve the related goals by making sure that their strengths and opportunities out weigh their weaknesses and threats. By this I mean their strength and opportunities like, to be able to grow or expand, also how long they have been in business, to be able to supply the best service around. Make sure they can do these and the others, so their weaknesses and threats don’t take over the business, like competitors, keeping their finances good, make sure they keep their trucks, and things in good shape. If they can keep the threats and weaknesses low than they should be able to achieve the related goals.

What will the effects have on internal and external stake holders?
Some of the affect from the planning decisions on both the internal and external stakeholders. For the internal stakeholders like the president and the vice president of the company even to their storage facility and everyone and everything in between. One this...
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