Strategic Analysis HCZ Case

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Strategic Analysis:
Harlem Children’s Zone
Mark Simpson
November 13, 2014

“What should we do to transform our neighbourhoods?”

Overall Assignment Question

In response to "A New Opportunity" (last page of the case):

What would you do if you were Canada, and why?

Use the questions below to frame your answer.

1. Utilizing the Ansoff Matrix how would you describe the most viable option for HCZ? Use an opening sentence and then use no more than 5 points to support.

Harlem Children’s Zone relies on their quantifiable impact in the Harlem community to measure their success and continue to receive the grants and contributions they currently receive. Therefore although their current strategy is for market expansion, it would better suit them to continue honing their current services to increase the quality of their results. Currently it was noted that 95% of their middle school students were behind in both reading and math skills. If issues such as this remain unreconciled than it is likely that their funding will be withdrawn and they will have to find new revenue streams to pay for their increasing program expenses. Thus a market penetration strategy is recommended. Here are some reasons why:

To secure funding:
HCZ is relying heavily on grants and contributions to supplement their lofty market and product expansions. A large portion of these grants however are based on quantifiable results, ie: higher graduation rates, increased test scores, etc. Therefore to continue receiving the main source of their revenue they will need to continue to improve in these areas.

To increase staff satisfaction:
The consensus from staff is that a rift is forming where bureaucracy has wedged itself. Since acquiring three new funding opportunities in 2000 (EMCF, TRHF and TPF), HCZ is now required to provide specific data on their youth as it’s requested. The net effect has been disgruntled staff feeling disconnected from their work. Market penetration will require a reworking of current processes to improve the quality of guidance from their staff.

To increase effectiveness of their current services:
HCZ’s market offering is already vast consisting of nine different programs providing aid in areas such as:

i) Early childhood development
ii) Physical health and nutrition
iii) Resident Management
iv) Employment and Technology services
v) Conflict Prevention
vi) Sports and leisure activities
vii) Foster Care Prevention

With such a variety of services it is more justifiable to continue to increase the success of these programs before increasing their reach.

To refocus on their current mission:
As a non-profit organization driven by social change, HCZ should recall their core purpose—which is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Harlem, with a specific emphasis on the youth. As current directors are showing concerns regarding the organization’s focus shifting from quality to statistic-fulfillment, there is potential that HCZ should consider how they want to achieve their goals.

2. What is the perceived benefit of placing Peacemakers in another school, outside of the district? Use a pro cons table, or the alternative analysis table from the case template to frame your answer.

i) Public schools are funded by the state which means more potential funding for their programs ii) Success could allow for implementation state or nationwide iii) Recognition could bring focus to HCZ’s other programs thereby increasing interest for them to be implemented elsewhere iv) Success in the worst performing district would drive a new approach which should help reframe the way HCZ caters to Harlem v) Working within public schools allows for a direct forum for reaching children

i) Distance from Harlem neighbourhood may prevent adequate control ii) Currently amidst major restructuring, and may not have available resources to...

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