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Mr. Mukunda Adhikari


13TH JUNE, 2013
This report has helped us to gain knowledge about the strategic planning and analysis of K.L.Dugar. So, indebted to K.L. Dugar , a reputed industry , which provided us all necessary data and various suggestion. We sincerely express my thanks to the staff of K.L. Dugar for their valuable suggestion, information and co-operation for the preparation of this report with those co-operations this study would not have been complete. We also grateful to the management and library of Alpine Management College and also to my friend for their support while preparing this report. Finally we would like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to respected instructor Mr. Mukunda Adhikari for giving this opportunity to face the practical scenario of the industry.

With the immense competition and the globalization the business world has become very complex and dynamic in nature. A slight mistake of a business person can lead that company to close down. Customers are becoming intelligent and very concern about the brand, quality, standardization, health and different offers and price before buying any product or services. It is now becoming very difficult to retain the customers as they switches to other company if the offers are more beneficial to them. Thus business environment should be analyzed from time to time and a formulation of a good strategic management team can minimize the uncertainties which can lead to collapse. The concept of strategy has been borrowed from the military and adopted for use in business. Strategy is a term that comes from the Greek word ‘strategos’ which means ‘generalship’- the actual direction of military force. In the military, strategy often refers to maneuvering troops into position before the enemy is actually engaged. In this sense, strategy refers to the deployment of troops. Strategy is goal directed decisions and actions in which capabilities and resources are matched with the opportunities and threats in the environment. Alfred D. Chandler (1962) made a comprehensive analysis of interrelationships among environment, strategy and organizational structure. He defined strategy as ‘the determination of basic long term goals and objectives of an enterprise and the adaptations of the courses of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals’. He has referred three aspects such as: * Determination of long-term goals and objectives

* Adaptation of courses of action to achieve these objectives and * Allocation of resources necessary for adopting the course of action. Kenneth Andrews (1965) of Harvard Business School defines strategy as ‘the pattern of objectives, purpose, goals, and the major policies and plans for achieving these goals in such a way as to define what business the company is in or is to be and the kind of company it is or is to be’. His definition focuses on the definition of business and the company, at present and in future, and the set of objectives, purpose and goals as the tools to translate the future business dream into reality.

Company mission, responsibility and ethics
Company mission, responsibility and ethics
The whole report is based on the following:

External and internal evironment
External and internal evironment

Strategic analysis and choice (long term objective and generic and grand strategies Strategic analysis and choice (long term objective and generic and grand strategies

Organizational structure, leadership and culture
Organizational structure, leadership and culture

Strategic control, innovation and entrepreneruship
Strategic control, innovation and entrepreneruship

* To know how the strategic management works
* To...
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