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Stranger Observations AP PSYCH
Topics: Observation, Nature, Psychology, Scientific method, Personal life, Extracurricular activity / Pages: 2 (342 words) / Published: Sep 25th, 2013

I am a senior and am in AP Psychology class. As a part of our grade, we are required to observe someone in our class without them knowing. After the observations were completed, we were asked to write an essay explaining the findings of the observations. My observations took place between the past week, between the days of September 9th and September 12th. I observed my subject, whom from hereon will be given the fake name “Hector” to reserve his anonymity, within classes and in extra curricular activities in which both him and I are involved in. All observations that had taken place were 100% naturalistic. I observed “Hector” in his natural, everyday life. “Hector” often seemed to be very outgoing and friendly when around people. While in groups he often would tell jokes, and act silly and entertaining. However, while observed on his own and alone, “Hector” was often times much more disheveled and appeared more serious, almost seeming sad. He would often be slouched over and would trail off, seeming as in deep thought. Based on my observations, I have reached conclusions about my subject. Based on his actions, I have come to believe that “Hector” uses humor and playfulness to distract himself and other from the idea in his mind that he is actually unhappy. This explains why he appears to be distracted and somber while isolated and alone. His faux happiness is used as a guard to veil his true emotions. My conclusions have the possibility of being correct based on the evidence I presented today along with generalized ideas based on age group. My conclusions were not what I expected, as I expected this person to seem very outgoing and overall happy in every scenario of his life but after taking another closer look at the person, I now realize that they do not always seem happy, and in fact rather often seem sad. However, I do realize that this is only my assumptions from my personal observations, and there is a strong possibility that I am incorrect.

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