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Ateneo Graduate School of Business
Rockwell Center, Makati City

Ateneo ASMPH MBA Program

Revised: May 2011

Strategic Management Ateneo ASMPH MBA Program May 2011


CENTRAL MANAGEMENT CLUSTER Ateneo Graduate School of Business Ateneo ASMPH MBA Program Rockwell Center, Makati City



This course serves as the capstone course for the MBA Program. It involves the utilization of knowledge and skills acquired by the students from the other MBA courses as well as their integration and application in the real world setting following the strategic management framework. The main areas to be covered include strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy review, evaluation and control. The framework is applicable to profit-oriented businesses, non-profit organizations, private enterprises and government entities. In this course, students are expected to know not only about the strategic management process but also about the various analytical frameworks and strategy formulation tools that can aid managers in strategic decision-making and in building and sustaining competitive advantage. They will also be made to appreciate and understand the different strategy choices that are appropriate for specific industry and company situations. Other strategic management issues and concepts that are relevant to management in today’s global environment will likewise be studied, along with the management of ethical issues. Students are also expected to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the critical role and contribution of business enterprises to nation-building and poverty alleviation particularly in less developed countries such as the Philippines. Students will be made to apply and integrate their knowledge from this course and from the other MBA courses through group discussions/reports/presentations and the strategy paper that each student will be required to submit and defend before a panel. The learning methodologies to be used are aimed at developing the student’s strategic thinking capability. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to: 1. Develop well-written mission and vision statements and corporate objectives that are ethically sound and that take into consideration corporate social responsibility and nation-building dimensions. 2. Identify the opportunities and threats facing an organization through the analysis of relevant external factors and assess the attractiveness of a business through the analysis of industry trends and competitive developments.

Strategic Management Ateneo ASMPH MBA Program May 2011


3. Assess an organization’s internal situation, resources and capabilities and identify its strengths and weaknesses and the critical strategic issues that need to be addressed. 4. Use various analytical tools for setting strategic directions and formulating strategies, generate and evaluate alternative strategies and make the right strategy choices towards the attainment of the company’s objectives. 5. Learn the critical elements in effective strategy implementation, taking into consideration management and business functions perspectives. 6. Understand the key activities and concepts under strategy review, evaluation and control. 7. Appreciate other strategic management concerns relevant to today’s global business environment. 8. Identify and manage relevant ethical issues. 9. Understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and nation building as the organization moves towards increasing its shareholders’ value and long-term growth. 10. Develop their analytical and strategic thinking capability. COURSE OUTLINE: Part II Introduction to the Course Session1 (4 hours) Course objectives Course requirements Review of The Strategic Management Process Mission Vision Objectives • Strategic Objectives • Financial Objectives •...
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