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HRIS Subsystems
There are several different components, called subsystems, that compose an HRIS. They are employee administration, recruitment, time and attendance, training and development, pension administration, employment equity, performance evaluation, compensation and benefits administration, organizational management, health and safety, labour relations, and payroll interface, and as shown in Figure 3.2. FIGURE 3.2 HRIS Subsystems

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Source: Julie Bulmash, 2006.
Employee Administration
A basic component of an HRIS system is its administrative function. The typical information you would find in an HRIS system for each employee would include hire date, name, address, telephone, e-mail address, birth date, sex, salary, emergency contact information, department code, location, employment status (full-time, part-time, or contract), the start date of each position held, position titles, and benefit information.

This subsystem includes information on the position name and number, the department in which the position resides, whether the position has been approved, and whether the position is full-time or part-time. In some cases, online forms will be available so that applicants can be tracked and résumés can be scanned for key words to identify skills and experience.

Time and Attendance
This subsystem includes the information necessary to calculate vacation time, such as hire date, any leaves of absences (paid or unpaid), termination date if applicable, and any other events that interrupted service. In addition, the company’s policy details, such as “use it or lose it,” might be programmed into the system. If there are any special rules, then this information is programmed into the system. For example, employees often continue to accumulate vacation on some type of leaves. Other data in this subsystem often include the number of days an employee was absent, leaves of absence, whether these leaves were sabbatical leave, personal leave, or maternity/paternity/paternal/adoption leaves, and the dates the employee started and ended each leave. Policy details would also be programmed; for example, some companies have a policy that states if absenteeism exceeds a certain number of days, then pay will be decreased by a certain amount. Figure 3.3 illustrates a screen from the PeopleSoft Enterprise Time and Labour system. Training and Development

This subsystem includes data on an employee’s skills and competencies, training courses taken, costs of courses, developmental activities, and career planning in terms of which positions might be most appropriate for an employee based on skills and competencies.

FIGURE 3.3 PeopleSoft Enterprise Time and Labour Screen
Chapter 3 Human Resources Management and Technology 55
56 Part 1 Human Resources Management in Perspective
Pension Administration
Information as to the design of the plan is found in this subsystem. In addition, employee contributions and company contributions for each employee would be included.
Employment Equity
Organizations that are subject to employment equity legislation could include information on the number of employees in the four designated groups (women, Aboriginals, visible minorities, and people with disabilities), type of industry, and geographic region in this subsystem in order to provide the information required by the legislation.

Performance Evaluation
This subsystem includes information regarding performance ratings, the date these ratings were received, the type of appraisals that were used, comments about the appraisal, and performance objectives and goals. Figure 3.4 provides an example of a screen from...
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