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Topics: Research, Education, Charter school Pages: 12 (3796 words) Published: August 12, 2013
Work place Research|
Charter Schools in South AucklandProposal|

Prepared for lecturer: Lyn Merphy: Supervisor: Noel Gane
Prepared by student: Sina Hatakeyama
Workplace Research: Charter School

Research Question:
Do Charter Schools satisfy the education needs in South Auckland? Aim & Objections:
The aim of my research is to investigate whether the introduction of Charter Schools to New Zealand is acceptable by communities, existence schools and fit well into the Education System. In particular Charter Schools will be first trial in South Auckland and the Eastern part of Christchurch. The Government aim is to lift the percentage of under-achievements in those areas. My research is aiming at whether Charter Schools satisfy the needs in South Auckland and does it fit into their cultures and communities. There are other objections to be considered before passing any legislation prior to formally introduction of Charter Schools in South Auckland. Introduction:

Charter Schools was introduced by the National - Act Confidence and Supply Agreement in 2011 and this announcement came just after the general election. These schools would be funded by the States and operated by sponsors such as community groups, for profits organisations or not for profit businesses. Charter schools would be set up in areas where educational underachievement is mostly entrenched. This proposal from the Act – National Parties is based on similar experience in Sweden, United States and the United Kingdom. Charter Schools will be pilot from 2014 and Schools will be more independent in terms of curriculum, operating hours, leader structures, say and employments. There is a proposed concerned about charter schools in New Zealand of whether for-profit operators should allow to manage schools at all. There is fear that charters schools will run like franchise like McDonald etc. with which their main concern is profit. These concerns leads to other objections and ideas that these for-profit operators do not offer high quality education and make it cheaper that maximizes these operators profits, that they will draw profit from students at taxpayers’ expenses and do not deliver sufficiency educational benefits. This criticism seems to be an on-going process from assumptions of public, private, good and bad. There is another concern from New Zealand public opinion that introduction of Charter School will employed un- registered teachers and children may not be protected under any circumstances involving these teachers and the environment surrounding them. South Auckland and the eastern part of Christchurch will be the target trial for Charter Schools. The government survey says that these areas in particular are way below the national target of 85% achieve in NCEA Level 2 for for 17 and 18 years old. South Auckland is a diversity community. Do introducing charter schools suit the environment and their community? Perhaps it might or might not. There are other factors like make sure children are happy, be confident and achieve their potential not just about economy factors. These factors will be discussed later in the proposal. Background Information/Context

South Auckland especially Mangere, Otara, Manurewa to name a few, its population are mainly made up of Pacific and Maori. John Banks and the National Party thinks that these areas have the lowest achievements in education and therefore Charter Schools are an ideal type of schools to bring up the number of these increasing under- achievements pupils, especially NCEA levels. This will also help low-decile and poorer families to educate their children better and bring the communities, businesses and schools together. These for-profit schools will start from scratch process and might end up converting existing schools into Charter Schools according to John Banks. South Auckland 16- 18 years old students are trailing way behind their fellow Pakeha...
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