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Topics: Set-top box, Satellite television, Cablevision Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Many data collector firms and technology companies are aggressively bringing together people's TV viewing behaviour with other private data. But cable and satellite companiesare testing and positioning new system designed to show highly targeted ads. The goal of these companies is to stimulate teh civilised tracking which is widely used on people's personal computer with the new technology that attains their living room. One of the most progressed companies, Cablevision Systems Corp, has come up with a system that can show completly different commercials, in real time, to different households tuned to the same program. I t can deliver targeted ads to all the company's three million subscribers.Targetting ads are getting to the people in few ways.In one way, TV providers such Cablevision can show different ads to different set top boxes, even when they are tunned to the same channel. In second method, some companies are taking data on Tv- viewing behaviour cultivated from the set-top boxes and matching it with a broad range of household data. A newcomer compny Simulmedia Inc. works with databases detailing what channels are changed on set-top boxes. The company divides boxes into interest groups based on the channels they tune to. For years, the TV industry has been gushing about the potential to deliver more targeted ads. But they have not been succeeded. Cable companies have formed a consortium to deploy targeted ads nationally, among other things. They are able to deliver same programmes with different comercials to ten million homes within fourth quarter of this year. The representation of these targeted ads is a excellent example to the investors not to b reluctant when making investments. Targetting technologies represents a sweeping shift in the multibillion-dollar TV ad business, one of the marketing's most popular media.
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