Stp Analysis of Tata Moters

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Segmentation is based upon considerable evidence that a single marketing approach or formula will not work for all members of the community to be served.
The region of Tata motors is whole India with special focus on Type A and fast growing Type B cities across India.
➢Age → anybody of age between 18 to 50 years.
➢Income → anybody with an income of over 4 lakh p.a.
➢Occupation → millennial employed as professional, managers and those who want to buy their first car.
➢Social Class → Middle Class, Upper Middle, Lower Upper and Upper Upper.
➢Personality → Dreamers, those who want to achieve big, ambitious, price conscious, took their first step towards success and value driven. Behavioral:
➢Benefits → Quality, Style.
➢User Status → Potential users and first time users.
➢Readiness Stage → those who are aware, informed, interested and intend to bye.

Tata Motors has full market coverage in vehicle market as they covers market through Differentiated Marketing. So Tata Motors typically creates more total sales. However it also increases the cost of doing business. That’s why they lead to both higher sales and higher costs.

Market Coverage
After introducing Tata Nano and acquiring Jaguar & Land Rover they have full market coverage from Common men to Luxuries loving people. So, Tata Motors attempt to serve all customer groups with all the products.

Tata Motors has many products for various sectors. Company has a product like Tata ACE which is used as mini-truck. This product is mostly used at agriculture level. This product can carry below 1 tone. So, in agriculture sector this mini-truck makes good image. Like that Tata Motors introduced Tata Nano car for lower level people who cannot afford car but now they can buy a car in Rs.1 lakh. It also makes a brand image on customer’s mind that Tata Motors is companies where Customer gets that product...
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