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By ryan223245230 May 22, 2014 298 Words
The two main characters in The Stotan are Walker and Jeff. Walker is the main character in this book; he narrates the book by writing in his journal. Walker is the captain of the swimming team in his high school. He has many issues in his life for example his brother being a drug addicted and his parents being old for the age that they had him. He does his best not to let any of it get to him and always does his best to encourage his team mates during the season. Jeff is the oldest out of all of the friends and team mates. He is also to be considered the most mature in the entire group. He has a reputation of being considered a “tough guy” and was diagnosed with a blood disease and is becoming much weaker every day and is expected to die. In the beginning of the book the coach of the Robert frost high school swim team ask for some volunteers for stotan week. Four of the boys on the swim team decide to sign up. When the boys signed up they did not realize that their entire winter break would be spent doing 4 hour work outs during stotan week. During stotan week the four boys began to get to know each other pretty well and eventually started sharing things about their personal lives. The theme of this book is that you only know someone’s name and not their story of their life and what they have been threw and to not judge others without getting to know them. This book affected my view on everyday activities because I truly don’t know people but I still judge them witch I should not but instead get to know the person.

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