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Story telling

By mitzi0802 Dec 08, 2013 567 Words
Meet Amir; Amir is a little boy. He loves to play. He loves Chocolate. But most of all, he loves Superman. Tonight Amir’s “mama” brought home some Chocolate Cake. Amir was overjoyed. Chocolate Cake always made him feel like he was in heaven. He ate to his heart’s content, savoring each tasty bite. Amir is sleeping. He dreams of Chocolate. He is sleeping with a big smile on his face. Someone is knocking, knocking very loud. Amir wakes up. He hears his mama’s voice. She is screaming. Seconds pass. Everyone else is screaming too. They start running.

They run for a very long time; Amir and his family. They run until they can see the water. They get on a Bangka. Amir does not know where. He does not know why. All he can see is the fear in everyone’s eyes and then he knows that this cannot be good.

They are on the Bangka, Amir’s family of 6. They are complete, but something is missing. Amir screams. He left his Superman. His grandmother gave that toy to him before she passed. He tried to jump out. Mama would not let him. “I will bring it back for you, Amir. I promise” is all she says. Amir keeps crying. He keeps crying even if he knows Mama never breaks her promises. They get to their uncle’s house. They’ve been here for three days now. Amir does not hear noise here and everyone is always busy. He misses his Superman, his bestfriend. He thinks Mama is breaking her promise. He gets mad at her. “I will not talk to you until you bring back my Superman!” Amir says. Mama frowns. She walks out of the house. Dinner time came and Mama was not back yet. Everybody was worried. Amir did not understand why. He asked. “You are too young” is all they say. Amir goes back to his room. The phone rang that evening, Amir heard it from his room. He wonders where Mama went, if she was angry. He sneaks out of his room to check if Mama is back. Amir wants to say sorry to Mama. Amir hears the adults. They sound nervous. Amir gets scared. They say Mama tried to go back home, that something exploded, that Mama is in the hospital. Amir starts kicking and screaming. They get to the hospital. He sees Mama on the bed. She does not look good. Her eyes are closed and there are scratched on her arms, but she is breathing. Amir feels relieved. He waits for Mama’s eyes to open. Mama wakes up. Amir is overjoyed. Mama reaches for something at the bedside table. They tell her not to move because she will get hurt. She does not listen. Mama grabs something from the drawer. She hands it to Amir. Amir is surprised. Mama brought back Superman for him. “I would never break my promise to you, dear. No matter what. I love you that much.” Amir starts crying. Amir loves Mama so much too. He hugs her. He tells her that he doesn’t care about Superman. That he loves Mama most. That Mama is most important. Amir and his family may have lost their house. But they still have their home. They still have their Mama. They still have each other. Amir knows that is all that matters.

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