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One of Aesop’s famous fables, “The Ant and the Dove” tells a story about two friends that help each other when one needs. An Ant went to the bank of a river to quench its thirst, and being carried away by the rush of the stream, was on the point of drowning. A Dove sitting on a tree overhanging the water plucked a leaf and let it fall into the stream close to her. The Ant climbed onto it and floated in safety to the bank. Shortly afterwards a bird catcher came and stood under the tree, and laid his lime-twigs for the Dove, which sat in the branches. The Ant, perceiving his design, stung him in the foot. In pain the bird catcher threw down the twigs, and the noise made the Dove take wing. The story teaches us a morale lesson “One good turn deserves another”.

To make the student’s understood the story.
To teach student’s a morale lesson.
To enhance student’s reading skills.
To gain more vocabulary knowledge.


The story “The Ant and The Dove” teaches us a morale lesson “One good turn deserves another” - If someone does something to help you, you should do something to help him / her when possible.


video of the story “The Ant and The Dove”
reading materials
pictures of “the unfamiliar words”

(List of unfamiliar words, give their meaning/ definition, use pictures if necessary)

Ant - a type of small insect, related to bees, wasps etc, thought of as hard-working. Dove - wild and domesticated birds.
Stream - A flow of water in Small River.
Thirst - the desire to drink.
Stung - To pierce or wound painfully



Present the fable story genre
Introduce the characters in the story...
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